From Tiny Bed Bugs To Big Problems: Experts’ Guide To Preventing Bed Bugs

【From Tiny Bed Bugs To Big Problems: Experts’ Guide To Preventing Bed Bugs】

The Hong Kong weather is humid, whereas the bedbug problem is rampant. To overcome bedbugs, normal insecticides may not suffice. Bedbugs are more difficult to deal with compared to other insects. Therefore, it is necessary to first understand their characteristics, their common hiding places, how to treat their bites, and prevention methods. Only then can appropriate measures be taken to handle the bed bug problem properly.

Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites that can hide in narrow spaces such as mattresses, bed frames, walls, and furniture. They are active at night and leave dark brown fecal stains. Bedbugs are resilient and can survive up to 180 days after feeding once. Their distinctive odor can also give away their presence. Once detected, it’s likely they have been in your home for a while.

Bedbugs Are The Most Horrible Insect At Home?!

OMG發現床蝨 (木蝨) 點算好?專家教您防蝨攻略!

Bedbugs are usually introduced to homes from outside sources, mainly through two ways:

Bedbugs often hitchhike into homes through luggage, backpacks, and clothing after being picked up during travel. They attach themselves to these items and can easily go unnoticed. It’s crucial to check for signs of bedbugs and wash your clothing immediately after traveling to prevent an infestation in your home. This is especially important during the post-pandemic era as travel resumes.

When hiring foreign domestic workers, families should be aware that bedbugs can enter their homes through the worker’s luggage and personal belongings. Hong Kong’s humid weather is particularly favorable for bedbug growth and reproduction. If left unchecked, bedbugs can quickly become a widespread problem, negatively impacting your living environment and family’s health.

How Dangerous Are You From Being Bitten By Bedbugs?!

OMG發現床蝨 (木蝨) 點算好?專家教您防蝨攻略!

If you have trouble sleeping and wake up with small red bumps on your hands and feet, it may indicate a bedbug infestation near your bed. Bedbug bites initially appear as small red dots with mild itching, but can worsen over time and lead to skin inflammation, pain, and even bacterial infections or allergic reactions. As living spaces in Hong Kong are crowded, bedbug problems can easily spread to other residents.

Seeking professional help is necessary for thorough elimination of the infestation if you have been troubled by bedbugs for a long time.

Experts’ Guide To Eliminating Bedbugs

OMG發現床蝨 (木蝨) 點算好?專家教您防蝨攻略!

Johnson Group is equipped with the most innovative and exclusive technology in bedbug management to provide clients with efficient deep cleaning and pest control solutions, solving problems such as bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens. We are the first pest control company in Hong Kong to offer professional non-chemical pest control solutions, with a team that has extensive practical experience using specialized bedbug vacuum cleaners and steam management systems.

We provide a 2-month warranty after our first service. If the bedbug problem resurfaces, we will carry out another service for free to follow through with the problem to keep our clients away from pests and allergens. Treating all hiding areas and cracks is key to getting rid of bedbugs, so all infested areas need to be retreated at least 2-3 times within a month.

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DIY Guide To Preventing Bedbugs

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