“Hot kitchens” often produce cooking fumes. Even with a powerful range hood, grease stains will still form quietly. It is often the most difficult part of cleaning. Once the grease stains are allowed to accumulate, it will be even more difficult to remove them completely. Apart from the hygiene issues, they kill the fun of cooking.

Other than the most common locations of grease stains such as stoves, ovens, microwave ovens, range hoods, and exhaust fans, walls, ceilings, and sinks of the kitchen will also accumulate stubborn stains, and even kitchen utensils and tableware placed in the kitchen will be implicated. Meanwhile, marble tiles, ceramic tiles, and other structures also need careful maintenance to preserve their cleanliness.

You need an extensive and professional kitchen cleaning and grease removal service to sweep away these stubborn stains!

Service Features

  • Remove all the stubborn stains and grease off your kitchen. Better cleanliness makes better cooking
  • All-round deep cleaning, including the stove, range hood/exhaust fan, oven, microwave, to remove all the stubborn stains
  • Hot steam cleaning to clean stains off stainless-steel and metal parts, such as the stove, without damaging the surfaces
  • Clean with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. It contains no harmful substances
  • Use only 3M® Microfiber Cloth to polish and clean the stainless-steel utensils, sinks and water taps, etc., to restore the brightness and flawlessness
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Farewell to Greasy Kitchen – Johnson Group Can Make Your Cooking Experience Fun Again!

Johnson Group Kitchen Cleaning and Grease Removal BeforeJohnson Group Kitchen Cleaning and Grease Removal After

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