BRShield 180 Days Self-Disinfecting Anti-microbial Coating

BRShield is a reactive saline quaternary ammonium compound, which provides long-lasting antiviral and antimicrobial coatings to any surface it is applied to. The effectiveness can be assured for up to 180 days. This eliminates the risk of cross contamination and the subsequent spread of pathogenic organisms from one person to another, with physical means rather than chemical means, making it much safer and durable. This precludes the transfer of the COVID-19 virus via its most common route of transmission and subsequent infection, from one person to another via a contaminated surface, suitable for use at school campus, nursing home, warehouse, shop, office, escalator, lift, car interior etc. It protects buttons, handles, seats etc. from becoming disease transmission medium. 

Johnson Group trained specialists will clean and disinfect the surfaces thoroughly with the SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray with the help of ULV Foggers, eliminating 99.99% of the residues and microorganisms in every corner, then apply the BRShield with specific tool – Electrostatic Sprayer, so as to ensure that the BRShield’s ions were charged and ‘bonded’ with the surface properly.

  • 100% physical approach, no harmful chemicals involved, safe for human, pets and the environment
  • Last for up to 180 days, will not fall off even being wiped, thanks to the electrostatic ‘bond’
  • Both antibacterial and antiviral
  • Helps control mould and odor as well
  • With lab reports to support effectiveness
  • Proven with lab reports, effective in killing 99.99% SARS-CoV-2 viruses
  • Applicable for virtually any surfaces (including metals, wood, fabrics, porcelain, stoneware, plastic, glass and mirrors, leather, etc.)
  • Great for stopping infections and reduce risk of cross contamination in public spaces

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Seeing is Believing

In addition to highly specific technical laboratory tests (all of which BR Shield passes with flying colors), BR Shield have also conducted a simple visual ‘litmus test’ that demonstrates the difference between a treated and an untreated surface.The “seeing is believing” experiment visually proves the long-term efficacy of BR Shield.

From the experiment, it can be clearly seen in the picture that the bread treated with BR Shield has remained completely ‘mould free’ even after a period of more than 30 days.

The image unequivocally reveals how the untreated control sample has been fully colonized by the moulds and the BR Shield treated surface completely inhibits the growth of microorganisms.


How Does BRShield Work?

The principle behind BRShield is simple, the silane quaternary ammonium compound will be attached onto the surface with the help of electrostatic sprayer. The “bond” was formed with the positively-charged ions being attracted onto the surface. Virus and bacteria are naturally negatively-charged, COVID-19 is nothing but a negatively charged RNA, thus, the BRShield will attract them onto the surface due to the electromagnetic force induced, and destroy their membranes.

The 100% physical approach making it effective against 99% known pathogens, and will not suffer from resistance developed over time like the chemical approach. Microorganisms could get used to chemicals, which causes the efficacy to decline over time, but BRShield’s ground breaking technology can overcome this problem.

Why Do We Need Electrostatic Sprayer For BRShield?

No matter what kind of coating, being able to spread the coating evenly on the surface applied has always been the primary concern. The electrostatic spraying technique is great for applying BRShield because of the coating’s features of utilizing positively charged ions.

Using the scientific principle that opposite charges attract each other, the positive charged liquid would then be attracted to the grounded or negative surface, allowing for a full and even coat of liquid on the surface.

This proven concept is combined with the process of atomization. By internally applying an electrostatic charge to the liquid within the sprayer, each liquid particle becomes charged with the same positive charge. Most of the surfaces are grounded, which means they are all slightly negatively charged. This comes in handy as electrostatic spraying can reach areas that could not otherwise be reached with conventional sprayers.

Common Questions – Q&A

Q.1 Will regular cleaning a treated surface remove BRShield?

No! In fact, regular routine cleaning will only serve to enhance and optimize the efficacy of the treatment ensuring that the ongoing disinfection potential remains at maximum efficacy for at least 180 days.

Q.2 Does BRShield cause mutation and adaptation in micro-organisms and the “super-bug” problem?

No, not at all! Because the treatment destroys pathogens through physical means not by chemical poisoning, so there is NO possibility of any organism building up immunity

Q.3 What is the difference between BRShield protection and other anti-microbial solutions on the market?

There are two main discriminating characteristics that set BRShield apart and in a league of its own.

First, it is NOT a disinfectant based on highly corrosive or toxic chemical activity with a very short term period of efficacy. BRShield destroys pathogenic micro-organisms on contact using only a physical method of destruction.

Second, traditional disinfectant solutions are only effective for a very short period of time and once dry, their kill rate diminishes to zero very quickly. Because ‘BRShield Anti-Microbial Protection’ works in a completely different way, by creating a very stable surface coating that destroys pathogenic organisms through physical contact rather than chemical poisoning.

These characteristics also mean that it can remain effective 24/7/365 for over 180 days following application, with safety ensured.

Q.4 How do I know the BRShield treatment process is safe?

BRShield is fully certified and proven with lab reports to be 100% safe for use in any area where it might be applied.

Efficacy Test Reports

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