Abandoned Animals Caring


Save Every Life

Johnson Group hopes to raise awareness of the abandoned animals through AAC (Abandoned Animals Caring), doing the best to help them. There are countless of animals that are abandoned each year, some because of their health, some because of their look. These lives can be fragile because the lack of skills of surviving in the wild. If the public are willing to give more attention to them, a highly chance that these lives can be save.

AAC (Abandoned Animals Caring) is a program that helps to save every lives, and it is not only about the pets that was abandoned, but also the strays that are abandoned by the society. Johnson Group has now go the extra mile to give them more care and more support to these lives, providing free services to increase the willingness of people adoption, helping them to find a new sweet home and start a second journey.

Lend a Helping Hand

Free Disinfection

Johnson Group can provide free disinfection service to animal shelter, improving the hygiene. We use natural disinfectant, completely safe for pets.


Free Pest Control

Johnson Group can provides free pest control service, avoiding the infestation and infection from pest for the animals. We use low-toxicity pesticide to minimized any chances of harms.



Johnson Group DNA (Do N Action) Volunteer Team can provides various voulunteer activities fitting your needs


Save Lives Together

If your animal shelter needs assistance, we are willing to provide free services as mentioned above, and if there are other needs, please contact us to discuss. We will do our best to provide everything you need and explore the possibility of cooperation.

Through our program, we offer natural disinfectants and other pet products that can be listed on the online store of animal rescue groups. A portion of the proceeds will be used for charitable purposes to help more animals.

Action Now

Save Lives Together

Thank you for your interest in the program, please fill out the form below or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.