Johnson Group Rodent Control Service (Rats Exterminating)

Rodent problem is very common in Hong Kong. The highly developed urban area provides rodents a lot of corners to hide, and a lot of food sources. These spaces including ditches, garbage collection points, pipelines and drainage systems etc., which usually have poor hygiene. Therefore, not only it is unsightly to have rats running around, but it also risky for disease transmissions.

The key to a successful rodent solution is to process a variety of skills and understanding of the structural challenges where rodent problem occurs. Johnson Group will come up with tailor-made plan according to the severity and spread of the infestations, as well as the type of rodents. A thorough inspection will be carried out before operation, so as to identify the routes that rodents took, and the droppings, biting marks that they left behind. These data will be used for choosing the best control method, tools and equipment.

Benefits of Using Our Service

  • Prioritize Goodnature® A24 Rodent Trap, SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap, Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller, SafePRO® Glue Boards and Bait Stations as Non-chemical Control Options
  • With over 70 years of pest control in Hong Kong, thoroughly educated and experienced in rodent control strategies
  • Provides the most professional Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing services to eliminate potential of rodent problems

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Rodent Control Strategies

Traps – Cage, Glue Board, and Electronic Traps

Baiting or placing trap at where rodents often occur. The benefit of trap is to gather the rodents together, so that their carcasses and excrements can be dealt with in reachable places. No odor or other hygiene problems.

Apart from directly decreasing the number of rodents, trapping can also used as a means of monitoring the infestation. It is good for finding out the sources, infesting routes and targets of the rodents, so that we can block the vulnerable spots and improve the hygiene against them accordingly.

part from conventional glue board traps and cages, we also provides options of automatic traps! Contact us to learn more!

Blocking and Repelling

Rodents have the ability of entering from narrow crevices, or biting their way into your home. Therefore you need to block all the crevices and cracks to prevent rodent infestation. Johnson Group provides sealant application and door seal installation services. The material of sealant and seals are specifically designed with steel mixed in, so as to prevent being damaged by rodents’ teeth, more effective in keeping them out.

Rodenticide and Rodent Bait

When the situation permits, rodenticide usually provide the cost cost-effective approach to rodent control.

Our Pest Management Professionals choose only rodenticide with an active ingredient and formulation that works well for the particular environment or situation. Effective in combatting against rodent infestation but also safe for non-targeted species. We will also analyze the consumption of the baits so as to identify the movements and routes of the rodents, and to evaluate the effectiveness of rodent control. It helps us adjust the solution plan immediately.

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Rodent Control Products

Goodnature A24 Smart Rodent Trap Kit x Johnson Group

Goodnature® A24 Smart Rodent Trap Kit

Goodnature A24 Trap kills rodents without poisons or electricity. Once attracted in by a long-life lure for either rats or mice, the rodent enters the trap, and a trigger causes a CO2-powered striker to instantly kill the rodent. The rodent then falls out of the trap and on the ground. The A24 trap automatically resets itself, and the process can repeat itself up to 24 times before the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced.

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Johnson Group SafePRO Electronic Rodent Trap

SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap

SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap is equipped with infrared sensors, when the rodents pass through the mousetrap, once the sensor detects the rodent body temperature, the grill comes down immediately grille It will automatically prompt under the hood, will catch mice trapped in cages. In the past with drugs rodent, dead rats and will usually not so noticeable odor, the stench will make other Mouse difficult fooled; SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap is able to avoid this situation, coupled with the need to serve the bait, because the mice to reduce the influence of the anti-feeding and capture results. Suitable for supermarkets, food processing factories, pharmaceutical plants, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, farms, resorts and homes.

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Johnson Group safepro glue trap board

SafePRO® Mice Glue Board (Cardboard)

  • Safety and No-pollution-No smell and poison.
  • Super Sticky-Effective temperature between 5℃.
  • Hygienic – Disposable board, easy to keep environment clean. Effective against pest too, such as cockroaches, bed bugs etc.
  • Environmental Design-High quality card board and no pollution to environment.
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SafePRO® Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller is a solid state electronic instrument that emits 30,000Hz-60,000 Hz intense ultrasonic soundwaves that change constantly, so that the rodents will not become immune to specific frequency.

The repellers’ soundwaves is beyond the audible range of humans and most household pets, good to repel rats, mice, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, fleas, ants, ticks, moths, waterbugs and most other common pests, but not harmful to other animals (including dogs, cats, birds, poultries etc.).

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Common Types of Rodents in Hong Kong


Excellent climbers. Can be found in cultivated fields, at or below ground level, or in upper stories of skyscrapers. Mice explore their limited home range of less than 30 feet daily for newly introduced objects. Nocturnal. Most activity and feeding takes place between a half hour after sunset and a half hour before sunrise. Strong social hierarchy. Able to swim.

Mice become sexually mature and able to mate in as little as weeks. In general, sexual maturity is reached in 5 to 8 weeks.

Female mice reproduce up to 8 times in their lifespan, with litters averaging 4 to 7 pups. Therefore, a single female may produce up to 56 offspring a year.

Alexandrian rat, black rat, fruit rat and ship rat.

Able to swim, jump and climb, roof rats usually enter and nest in upper portions of buildings. May nest outside in trees (especially palm), ivy and similar vegetation. Burrow very little. Nocturnal. Most activity and feeding takes place between a half hour after sunset and a half hour before sunrise. Strong social hierarchy.

Roof rats average 4 to 8 pups per litter, averaging 4 to 6 litters per year.


挪威鼠棲息於地上,很擅於游泳和攀爬。通常於地下室和建築物的下部發現,晝伏夜出。在日出及日落前的半小時最為活躍。體形較大,很強的社會階級制度 – 最大和最強壯的鼠可得到最好的食物和居所。

挪威鼠一般於 8 至 12 周大便性成熟而且可以交配。
挪威鼠平均每胎有 8 至 12 隻幼鼠,平均每年 4 至 7 胎。

Brown rat, gray rat, common rat, house rat, wharf rat, sewer rat, barn rat and water rat.

Norway rats burrow extensively in soil and are excellent swimmers and good climbers. They usually nest in basements and lower portions of buildings.

Nocturnal. Most activity and feeding takes place between a half hour after sunset and a half hour before sunrise. Very strong social hierarchy- the biggest and strongest Norway rats get the best food and harborage.

Norway and roof rats become sexually mature and able to mate at 8 to 12 weeks. They average 8 to 12 pups per litter, averaging 4 to 7 litters per year.

Life Cycle

Mice and rats reproduce rapidly because of short gestational periods and rapid sexual maturity. The reproductive cycle and number of rodent offspring increases where food and water are adequate, of course, harborage is another factor to their final number.

Communicable diseases

Plague is a communicable disease of animals and humans caused by a bacterium called Yersinia pestis. This is primarily an infection of rodents.