Professional Glass Scratch, Water Stain Repair & Polishing Service

A smooth and shiny glass can enhance the beauty and clarity of the view in the distance. However, sometimes accidents happen, resulting in scratches or water stains that affect the scenery and require glass replacement.

Now you don’t need to replace the glass. We offer on-site repair and polishing service for scratches on glass, saving you a significant amount of money and time. Our Professional Glass Scratch, Water Stain Repair & Polishing Service can remove deep scars on the glass, restoring its original clarity and shine without causing noticeable deformation.

Our Service differs from other scratch removal or wet grinding systems, eliminating the need for additional installations. It also doesn’t cause any damage or disturbance to the surrounding environment. In addition to scratches, glass surfaces can also be affected by water marks, water stains, oil films, soap stains, acid rain erosion and other stains that impact the clarity and aesthetics of the glass. Using our polishing technique, we can quickly remove various stains from the glass, eventually renewing its original clarity and shine.

Technical Features

  • Targeted repair for specific areas on the glass
  • Restores the original clarity and shine without noticeable deformation.
  • Restoration rate can reach up to 95-100%.

Applicable Scope

Various indoor and outdoor flat glass surfaces, including:

  • Glass curtain walls, floor-to-ceiling glass, glass showcases.
  • Glass windows, glass doors, glass shower screens, tempered glass, mirrors, and general glass products.
Not all stains/scratch can be completely removed; results may vary depending on the specific circumstances, but there is typically a noticeable improvement after polishing.

Benefits for Customers

  • Repair costs are generally only 1/5 to 1/3 of replacement costs, saving you expensive replacement expenses.
  • On-site repair service eliminates the need for disassembling or removing components, saving time and being efficient.
  • Repairing scratches takes much less time compared to ordering, transporting, and installing new parts.
  • Construction can be scheduled during intermittent or non-busy periods, without the need for area closures, ensuring uninterrupted daily operations.

Benefits for the Environment

  • Reduces waste generation, alleviating the burden on landfills and promoting sustainable environmental practices.
  • Extends the lifespan of old components, achieving a usage cycle of 3 to 5 times, promoting the reuse of old materials.
  • Reduces pollution and carbon emissions generated from waste, manufacturing, and transportation processes, contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.
Appointments and Enquiries

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