+Green Pest Management™
is created by the Johnson Group

We offer a wide range of physical control and least-toxic products to help you to eliminate pests like mosquitoes (midges), flies, rodents (rats & mice), cockroaches, ants, bed bugs etc.

+Green Pest Management™ is part of the Johnson Group’s effort to educate the general public, especially the next generation, about the benefits of physical and least-toxic approach on managing pest problems, thus strengthen their interest in protecting the environment.

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+Green Pest Management™

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Pest Control Services

Pest Prevention-Keeping pests in their places


“Think of them as animals that are living in nature, they’re just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, then we call them pests”.

Preventing insects from getting inside is always the best approach, it can be done by improving sanitation practices, installing proper physical devices as well as an effective building maintenance programs. We work to ensure that insects or wildlife and their habitats are conserved while preparing any pest management or cleaning program.

Why Johnson Group


In keeping our words “Reducing any unnecessary use of toxic chemical to further reduce the impact to the rest of environment”, Johnson Group adopts a responsible manner which focuses on the improvement in sanitation practices, the use of physical control measures and non-toxic materials to manage pest problems. Green pesticides (least-toxic or even non-toxic) are preferred for use wherever humans and pets must share a pesticide-treated environment.

You care about your home environment? So do we. That’s why most of the homeowners choose Johnson Group. With over 10,000 service visits per year, the best-trained professionals anywhere will protect you. Remember, don’t just call an exterminator. Call Johnson Group and keeping pests, allergens & germs in their places.

The Johnson Group I.T.M Solution

Johnson Group has over 70 years experience, our best trained professionals will offer you the most effective and environmentally responsible methods which is called I.T.M. to solve your problem.

After a site inspection or free estimate, our Pest Management Professionals will create a customized treatment or service proposal that effectively targets your needs. Solve your problems without harming your families, and also the environment.

A comprehensive Inspections or site visit is a key to develop an effective and customized service plan. Our Professionals will detect any environmental issue, sanitation practice or structural condition conducive to pests or allergic reactions.

Tailor-made Treatment Plan
Adopt both Green Pest Management & Green Cleaning. We start with nonchemical options like UV-C Bugs Killing Machine and Professional Steamer.
We select Green Pesticides or Green Cleaning materials with the least impact on the environment.

Monitoring & Tracking
We provide ongoing monitoring & tracking programs to protect you, and your family. After each service visit, we’ll document all services performed including problems, ways to correct problems, and any recommendations into our CRM system.

Scheduling at Your Convenience, Choose a Day that Fit for You
You have the right to choose, whenever you need our services! No matter early – or late? Is existing service frequency right for you? Or would Saturday be better than a weekday? Depending upon the demands of your particular problem, we’ll work together to set our service visits on a schedule that works best for you.

What kinds of treatments I may need? Outside, Inside, or Both?
We’ll examine the nature of your problem to help determine which integrated pest management approach is best for you. A well-trained professional will have a solution for you just within 2 hours (for Ad hoc service only).

The Johnson Group Guarantee
At Johnson Group, we’re committed to keeping pests in their place. If they return between treatments, we’ll return at no extra charge.

Public Liability
Johnson Goup holds a valid Public Liability which Limit of Indeminity is HKD$10,000,000.00.