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‘Save Local Bees (SLB) – A Conservation Program’

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'Save Local Bees (SLB) - A Conservation Program' Behind the Stories "A Great Migration", "Littles Bees in the Forbidden Place", "The Loss of Mom", those loving stories with happy ending all rely on the immense support from our clients. The Program will find a new home for honey bees that have gone astray, and provide supports for local beekeepers at the same time. As a company which values our environment and sustainability, we’ve adopted numerous green practices including the usage of physical devices, natural repellents and non-toxic materials to deal with pest problems. Moreover, we want to contribute more by helping with [...]

Save the Orphans

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Save the Orphans🐝 A beehive underneath a drain was reported. When we got there, we found the queen has already been taken probably by a bee hobbyist. Instead of leaving those “orphans” behind, we still brought them back to the bee farm and assigned a new queen for them. We knew if we left them unattended, they would eventually die in one month. If you find any beehives near where you live or work, don’t hesitate, contact us ASAP!😉 Buy local honey to support Save Local Bees™ Buy Now: Save Local [...]

Do Something Meaningful for the Bees

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Do Something Meaningful for the Bees 🐝 Previously, we received a beehive removal request from a client, but we certainly were not willing to kill these littles creatures, this was how our bee-saving conversation programme - Save Local Bees🐝 was founded, to help bees in Hong Kong and relocate them to a new home at bee keeper’s place. We took almost 4 hours that day to collect all of the 40,000 bees into the bee bag. The crews were sweaty and hot working under the big bright sun☀, but it was all worth it when we thought of [...]

A real case sharing of Save Local Bees programme ; Loving, happy and peaceful moments

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A real case sharing of Save Local Bees programme ; Loving, happy and peaceful moments One of our clients Mr. Wu called us a few weeks ago saying that there was a bunch of bees hanging around in his rooftop. The next day, we went to the house together with a beekeeper – Mr. Wong to relocate the bees onsite. They seemed to belong to a small and young bee colony and their hive was probably damaged by the typhoon. As the bees were only in a small group, staying at the rooftop might made them easily [...]

Littles Bees in the Forbidden Place

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Littles Bees in the Forbidden Place Recently there was a group of bees, just like Miguel in the film "Coco", found at an ancestors’ resting place, happily collecting nectar. Unfortunately, the location where the bees live is very near to a big drainage channel, they could be in danger when the rain flushes in during spring and summer. We went up to the hillside near Tseung Kwan O together with a local beekeeper to save the bees and the entire process was a success. Yet the local beekeeper, Mr. Wong said that these little bees are actually [...]

Buy Local Honey · Save Local Bees

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Buy Local Honey · Save Local Bees 100% Hong Kong Produced Honey is Now Available at GreenSTORE! Heading into autumn, natural honey is definitely a must-have item in the cold, dry weather. Not only can the honey nourish your throat but also enhance your immunity. You also can sponsor HK$20 to support "Save Local Bees™ Conservation Program". With your support. Johnson Group will be able to help anyone in need to relocate bee hives for free, protecting the bees from being killed by other pest control companies or poisoned by toxic pesticides, eventually they will live at [...]

Bee vs Wasp · What are the differences?

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Bee vs Wasp · What are the differences? Bee vs Wasp · What are the differences? Wasp is more dangerous than bee! Wasp are territorial and aggressive. Since they feel an imminent threat to them or their nest, the entire colony will attack to keep the intrude out. Wasp can sting multiple times and the stinger contains venom. It can be dangerous and deadly if someone is allergic to wasp stings. So compared to bees, wasps are more harmful. Actually, bees and wasps sting humans only for self-defense or to protect their colonies. To [...]

Relocate the Bees to Nature

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Relocate the Bees to Nature Relocate the Bees to Nature Save Local Bees™ Conservation Program “Save Local Bees”was created on April 2018 by Johnson Group. Our program not only aims at saving the bees and their population, but also the shrinking fast beekeeping industry in Hong Kong. To achieve the goals that both bees and beekeeping can be sustainable, we… Educate public especially kids about the importance of bees in the ecosystem Ban the use of outdoor neuro-active pesticides (neonicotinoids) that harm bees Relocate beehives to bee farms instead of killing [...]

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