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Green Partners Business Cooperation Scheme

Since found in 1947, Johnson Group strives to respect and protect the ecosystem and the environment. Our service team particularly focus on finding ways of reducing negative human impact like reducing the use of toxic chemicals, saving water and saving energy. We alsowant to lead by example, encouraging our clients and the public to conserve resources and recycle more in the daily life in order to reduce ecological footprint.

Now Johnson Group is cooperating with Green Partners coming from different sectors. And we are still looking for partnership with any organizations that are dedicated to finding sustainability or looking for green services and products.

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Our Current Green Partners

Bees Travel Limited was established in 2011 as an affiliate of Corporate Travel Management (CTM).

Bees Travel is a new one-stop online travel platform designed to bring customers a comprehensive online ordering travel products and services. Services include ticket offers, airline tickets and hotels, as well as different travel packages around the world, with different partner merchant offers.

Stay tuned for more to come from Save Local Bees x Bees Travel!

CoDeco – The One-stop Construction Service Platform

好師傅 CoDeco make use of technology and a professional team, CoDeco helps you find the perfect decoration worker and interior designers for your needs, helping both the workers and the clients, making the long and complicated process of constructions much easier to manage. With the 100% construction complete guarantee, delay compensation, and a standardized quotation system, clients can enjoy a perfect construction plan while saying precious time and money.

Johnson Group x CoDeco Crossover Discount Offers
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Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas is the world market leader of quality window coverings, providing customized blinds, shades, shutters and sheers with light and heat control, noise absorption, high energy efficient and ultraviolet protection to satisfy your needs in terms of interior design and privacy.

Johnson Group is appointed by Hunter Douglas as its authorized and preferred cleaning service vendor for professional curtains and shades cleaning & sanitizing service.

Green3 Johnson-Group Authorized Partner - Washing Machine Cleaning & Sanitizing

Green 3

Johnson Group Authorized Partner™ for professional Washing Machine (Washer & Dryer) Cleaning and Sanitizing Service.

Green 3 is a professional local company specialized in cleaning and repairing washing machines (washer & dryer). With health, environmental protection and social responsibility as their ultimate goals, Green 3 aims at bringing their customers with healthy living and extending the life span of washing machines to reduce solid waste by deep cleaning and eliminating dirt and germs inside the gasket, drum or detergent drawer of washing machines (washer & dryer).

Aeris Environmental (Aeris)

Aeris is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2002 and is now a world leader in the removal of, and protection from, microbial contamination as well as performance optimisation for the life of HVAC&R systems.

AerisGuard™ is a patented and comprehensive solution which makes HVAC&R systems perform better, last longer and cost less to run – it also helps building owners and managers create more sustainable built environments. Besides, it plays an important role to improve the indoor air quality and make people more healthier.

The Green Earth (TGE)

The Green Earth was established in Feb 2016. It is a locally registered charitable organization. TGE uses green experience to help Hong Kong people join hands to move our city towards a much more sustainable mode of development.

TGE believes that extravagant consumption is the root cause of many of the environmental problems we face today – our consumption levels in Hong Kong go way beyond our basic needs and eco-capacity. Hong Kong needs a change of mindset if these problems are to be overcome, and we intend to mobilise our experience and our enthusiasm to bring about this change.

Being a small team, TGE won’t be able to turn around a sick planet. This is why TGE will seek to appeal to you, together we will nurture the seeds of caring for the earth which we believe are in each of our heart so that TGE’s core value of cherishing the earth will thrive and a bigger team of people will act to improve this place where we live.

AURO Pflanzenchemie AG (AURO)

The AURO Pflanzenchemie AG belongs to the pioneering ecological enterprises that developed, at a very early stage, sophisticated, marketable concepts to transfer the chemical industry into the post-fossil area. Since its foundation, Auro strictly follows the criteria of sustainability, be it with regard to research principles, choice of raw materials and production processes or in terms of product design, documentation, prevention of pollution and waste disposal.


Liquid Interiors Limited is a healthy and eco conscious interior design studio based in Hong Kong. Our interiors are designed to inspire, to be eco friendly and improve health. They work with LEED® ID+C, BEAM Plus and WELL® Building standards and specialize in creative design for hospitality, show flats, residential development and innovative workplaces. The team is also equipped with LEED AP’s, designers and strategic partners who design and execute green residential and commercial spaces to certification level.
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