Proudly serving Hong Kong since 1947, Johnson Group has been recognized by the public for our quality services. It led us to be featured by both Hong Kong local medias and Taiwan medias. We will keep striving for excellence in the field of eco cleaning and pest control, providing the most professional and well-round environmental hygiene services for our clients.

Save Local Bees x 5th Edition of the Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme
Opening Ceremony

Johnson Group is pleased to announce that our Save Local Bees Conservation Program Ambassador, FunBee, has been successfully selected as one of the participants in the 5th edition of the Design Licensing and Business (DLAB) Support Scheme, which is organized by the Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA) and sponsored by Create Hong Kong (Create HK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

We are honored to have stood out among numerous design enterprises and to have the opportunity to participate in this major event in the Hong Kong design industry. Our FunBee creative team is grateful for the judges’ recognition of our character and our efforts in local bee conservation.

In addition, we have more exciting news as FunBee will also be participating in the Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2024 (HKILS 2024)  from 27th to 29th April. Through this valuable exhibition, we hope to collaborate with different corporate organizations and raise awareness about local bee conservation, as well as explore new business opportunities with all of you!

FunBee invites everyone to join us at the Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2024 in April to explore more bee-saving stories with her. Save the date, and see you there!

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Johnson Group x Now TV Finance

The Save Local Bees team was honored to be invited to the Now TV Finance program “Carbon Neutral” interview to share our fascinating story of founding Save Local Bees Conservation Program and to visit the local beekeeper for his contribution to local bee saving project. We want to thank Now TV for the invitation.

The program was aired on Now TV Finance‘s Facebook on 12th May 2023, and uploaded on YouTube channels on 15th May 2023.

Programme Review – Facebook
Programme Review – Youtube

Johnson Group x RTHK Climate Watcher

RTHK Climate Watcher Saving Bee Mission Main Photo

The Save Local Bees team was honored to be invited to the RTHK program “Climate Watcher” to share our fascinating story of founding Save Local Bees Conservation Program and heartwarming experience of our bee-saving projects. We want to thank RTHK for the invitation.

The program was aired on 11th November 2022, in RTHK Radio 1.

Programme Review

Johnson Group x U Magazine

Johnson Group x U Magazine 8 Tips for Dust mites Removal

The well-known media U Magazine invited Johnson Group to share 8 tips for dust mites removal. We shared our professional methods and daily procedures that normal households can do to prevent dust mites in peak allergy season. We want to thank U Magazine for the invitation.

The interview was aired on 16th & 27th September 2022, in U Magazine.

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Johnson Group Save Local Bees x Experts Talk, Knowing is Fun

Johnson Group Save Local Bees Chu Fun E interview

The signature radio show Knowing is Fun in CR2 interviewed the Save Local Bees team. We discussed the reasons why we are saving local bees instead of exterminating them. We shared many unforgettable moments in the conservation of local bees, and many interesting stories of visiting various places in Hong Kong with beekeeper Uncle Kwong to collect bees. Those included a group of bees roaming on the high ground of a construction site and a hive found in a cemetery. We want to thank CR2, Chu Fun, and Knowing is Fun.

The interview was aired on 23rd-26th August 2022, in CR2.

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Johnson Group Save Local Bees x Yahoo News HK

Johnson Group savelocalbees yahoo
Johnson Group savelocalbees yahoo
Johnson Group savelocalbees yahoo

Local environmental awareness media – SaveMoneyLa teamed up with Yahoo Hong Kong News and visited our partner beekeeper Uncle Kwong’s farm. Apart from the life of the saved honey bees at the farm, we also got to share some fun memories and special cases during our bee saving operations. We visited a colony of bees who took a flight from Japan to Hong Kong as well! We want to thank SaveMoneyLa and Yahoo for the feature.

The story has been published on 20th May 2022, the United Nation’s World Bee Day.

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Johnson Group Save Local Bees x Sunday Report

The historic and well-known “Sunday Report” program from TVB has interviewed Johnson Group’s Save Local Bees team, as well as beekeepers from both the new and old generations. The program provided an in-depth look at the non-profit cooperation of different local organizations and beekeeping businesses.

Apart from our Save Local Bees program, there are beekeepers that works with local schools to organize beekeeping workshops, so that pupils can put the prejudice and fear against bees away from their hands-on experience. It also touched on the beekeepers’ difficulties in passing on the torch.

The feature was aired 6th February 2022 on TVB Jade.

Sunday Report Recap

Johnson Group Save Local Bees x Pearl Magazine

Pearl Magazine is a English TV Program features a wide range of current issue stories relevant to viewers in Hong Kong and around the world. It covers topics including social, political, education & health issues, economic & business trends etc.

The program visited our Save Local Bees partner – Uncle Kwong with us, learning about the how we save honeybees by relocation, as well as how the relocated bees living in the bee farms.

The feature was aired 9th January 2022 on TVB Pearl.

Pearl Magazine Recap

Johnson Group Save Local Bees x JCI Harbour

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a non-profit international non-governmental organization which focuses on leadership training and civic activities for youth. The organization was found by Henry Giessenbier Jr. in early 20th century, and became an international organization officially in 1944. The headquarters locate in Henry Giessenbier Jr.’s hometown – St. Louis.

There are over 100 JCI organizations in different countries, and over 12,000 regional branches, including JCI Harbour in Hong Kong.

The online interview program hosted by Vice-president of JCI Harbour – Victor Chan, had invited Save Local Bees for a sharing session. We were delighted to share our mission, vision and conservation work to JCI and the general public!

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Johnson Group Renovation Cleaning x CSP Times

CSP Times (Cha Siu Papers) is a lifestyle media providing everyday living recommendations for expats living in Hong Kong. The founder and editor Faye Bradley used our Renovation Cleaning service for her new apartment during 2021, and was impressed by the wall, door and window cleaning outcomes. She wrote a detailed review for her experience.

CSP Times – User Experience

Johnson Group x Expat Living HK

With the pragmatic and professional approach, along with an obsession with details, Johnson Group service team has been recognized by our clients and peers. We are thrilled to be nominated for “Readers’ Choice Awards” in ‘Best Air-con Cleaning 2020’ and ‘Best Pest Control 2021’ by Expat Living magazine, which Johnson Group was named final-4 by readers voting.

Expat Leader Choice Awards

Johnson Group x CoDeco on “A Property A Day”

We are honored to be invited by our partner – CoDeco to be featured as a consultant for explaining the natural and low-toxicity approach in Renovation Cleaning service on “A Property A Day” TV programme. Our technicians were keen to put on demonstration of kitchen, bathroom, air-conditioner, balcony cleaning in the episode.

Renovation/Move-in Cleaning Details

Johnson Group TW x Unique TV

Johnson Group Taiwan branch was invited by Unique TV to be feature on a classic lifestyle programme introducing various professions. The hostess ‘interned’ as an Johnson Group employee for a day, visited real life homes to carry out cleaning service with our team. Explaining the main points of our mattress, air-conditioner cleaning services.

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Johnson Group TW x EBC Financial News

Johnson Group Taiwan branch was invited by EBC TV to be feature on a reality lifestyle programme introducing various professions. The hostess ‘interned’ as an Johnson Group employee for a day,  explaining the main features of our mattress, sofa, carpets and air-conditioner cleaning services.

Entire Home Cleaning Details

Johnson Group TW x News 98.1

Invited by the News98 radio station to feature in an interview, explaining the characteristics of common indoor allergens, such as bacteria, viruses, moulds and dust mites. Providing audience a series of DIY and professional solution, and a discount of mattress cleaning at the time.

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