Raytech Solar Control Window Film

Scorching sun increases the room temperature, UV light damaging the furniture or renovation. Even if you have the most desired views, the sunlight can often be disturbing and stops you from enjoying it. Raytech solar control window film is the perfect solution. It decreases the room temperature and reduces the consumption of energy; it has a long product life span and you can live a perfect eco-life.

Benefit of Using Our Services

  • Professional Service Team, On-Site Measurement*
  • Made in U.S.A., Innovative Technology
  • High Visible Transmittance, 99% Ultra Violet Rejection
  • Solar Heat Rejection, Improve AC Efficiency, Energy Conservation
  • Perfect Solution for Color Fading & Cracks due to Sunlight
  • Eco-friendly, Stay Cool & Comfort

*We will charge HK$300 measurement fee, it will be waived upon service confirmation.

Appointments and Enquiries

Tel: 2481 3988|WhatsApp: 5412 3517

5 Years Warranty,4 Major Guarantee

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty of 5+ Years
  • No Discoloration or Cracking
  • Certified Service Team, Well Trained & Professional
  • No Peeling, or Bubbling

Johnson Group Brings Back the Perfect View for You

Our service team and technician are experienced, professional, and well trained by Raytech. We strive to provide the most suitable service, providing recommendation on the windows film, includes modern architectures like apartment, mansion, glass house, or commercial building.

Solar Power Meter Testing Before & After Service

appointments and enquiries

Tel: 2481 3988|WhatsApp: 5412 3517

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