【Wings of Hope – Our Honey Bee Rescue Mission】

Since the moment we discovered the beehive, the destiny of those adorable little bees had a chance to change. “Wings of Hope” symbolizes a new beginning for the lives of these little bees after returning to nature.

Johnson Group has recently teamed up with our local beekeeper, Uncle Kwong, to embark on a bee-saving journey on the rooftop of the Municipal Services Building in Kowloon City. The mission was extremely challenging, as we had to rescue the bees in hot weather and the beehive was hidden in a narrow space under the rooftop’s air conditioning duct.

Curious about what happened during this bee-saving mission? Watch our YouTube video to find out more!

A simple decision you make could significantly help saving countless little lives. Thank you for supporting the Save Local Bees Conservation Program. Stay tuned for our next mission!

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Interesting FunBee Facts

Interesting FunBee Facts

Wasp Nest

  • Built using chewed wood pulp and wasps’ saliva
  • It has a paper-like spherical structure
  • Wasps do not surround the nest; outer shell is clearly visible

Wasps are aggressive and their sting can be harmful to humans. Therefore, the only way to deal with a wasp nest is to exterminate it to prevent future problems.


  • Made of beeswax, with tightly arranged hexagonal cells
  • Hangs vertically, presenting layers
  • Bees cover beehives with their bodies; outer shell is not exposed

Bees are gentle and bring significant values to nature. It is encouraged to save the bees instead of exterminating them by sending these little lives to our beekeepers and allowing them to return to nature.

If you come across a beehive in the future, please contact our bee-saving team for follow-up handling!

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