No matter it is newly renovated or a current home, lightings are always the most popular for dust and dirt. Chandeliers and crystal chandeliers are very complex and fragile, some of them are luxurious and expensive as well. It could be very hectic to clean the crystals one by one, which is often why some cleaning service provider do not clean chandeliers.

Johnson Group’s professional cleaning team is very experienced in handling crystal chandeliers. All kinds of lighting, including chandelier, lighting trough, crystal, European chandelier, ceiling fan lighting etc., we are able to handle. And we use only natural cleaners in the process, making sure there will not be harmful chemicals, while eliminating all allergens, dirt and tiny particles.

Service Features

  • Clean with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, no harmful substances
  • Use only 3M® Microfiber Cloth for cleaning the stains and dust
  • Professional Allergens Vacuum Cleaner to remove all particles and dust
  • Steam clean if necessary for removing stubborn stains and rust stains.
  • Safe and eco-friendly, pet and children friendly, keeping you away from allergens
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Farewell to Thick Dusts – Johnson Group Can Make Your Lighting Looks Shiny Again!

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