How to Prevent Termite?

Johnson Group Termite Control

The Signs of Termites Infestation

  • Wood damage can be found below and behind surfaces like walls, floors and more
  • Mud tubes can be found from your walls or wooden structures around the home
  • Found a swarm of winged insects in your home or discarded wings from swarmers
  • Found cracks and fissures on the wood or termite droppings

How do termites invade your premises?

The first one will be termite swarm during early spring, a swarmer is a reproductive individual within the colony. Swarmers emerge from the ground or soil and mate in flight. They then drop their wings. When mated females find suitable habitats (with moisture and wood), they are then ready to begin laying eggs and forming a new colony.

The second method is that, subterranean termites access aboveground wood in buildings through protected cracks and cavities.

Johnson Group Termite Control

Tips for Termite Control & Prevention

  • Be sure to monitor moisture levels inside your home. Once the termites discover an area rich with moisture, near a food source, they begin to build their colonies
  • Fill in any cracks on the wall or floor in your home
  • Use repellent termiticide on wood structures
  • If you suspect a termite infestation in your home, contact a pest control professional to determine the best method of treatment

Johnson Group Termite Control Service

Johnson Group Termite Control

Johnson Group delivers the world’s best value in termite control. You’ll receive written specifications, an inspection report and customized treatment programs after your consultation/inspection. Within warranty period of your contract, if termites happen to return following your treatment, we promise to re-treat the problem at no additional charge.

Exclusive Technology and Materials

FLIR® Thermographic Camera

Locates Monitoring termite activities

Johnson Group Termite Control - FLIR® Thermographic Camera Locating termite activities

Termatrac® T3i – Termite Detector

Detecting mud-leads, nests and entry points

Johnson Group Termite Control - Termatrac® T3i Detecting mud-leads, nests and entry points

SafePRO® Borescope

Detecting mud-leads, nests and entry points

Johnson Group Termite Control - SafePRO® Borescope Monitoring termite activities

Exclusive Materials

Bayer Premise® SC200 Liquid Termiticide

Johnson Group Termite Control-Bayer Premise® SC200 Liquid Termiticide

Premise is a non-repellent termiticide, that provides economical structural protection combined with a colony management effect. Premise is a sustainable solution for termite control. It is water-based and has been designed to provide protection at extremely low doses, utilising an active ingredient with a good safety and environmental profile.

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