Relocate the Bees to Nature

Johnson Group Save Local Bee Conservation: Save the bees instead of killing them

Relocate the Bees to Nature

Found a beehive? Contact Johnson Group to relocate the bees to a new home

Save Local Bees™ Conservation Program

“Save Local Bees”was created on April 2018 by Johnson Group. Our program not only aims at saving the bees and their population, but also the shrinking fast beekeeping industry in Hong Kong.

Johnson Group Save Local Bee Conservation: Save the bees instead of killing them

To achieve the goals that both bees and beekeeping can be sustainable, we…

  1. Educate public especially kids about the importance of bees in the ecosystem
  2. Ban the use of outdoor neuro-active pesticides (neonicotinoids) that harm bees
  3. Relocate beehives to bee farms instead of killing them
  4. Promote local honey to reduce carbon emissions (reduce carbon footprint)

How Does the Program Work?

The program starts with Johnson Group getting an order from clients to remove a beehive. Instead of killing all the bees with pesticides, we and beekeepers will collect and send the bees to the bee farms.

When the beekeepers get more bees, they can produce more honey for Johnson Group and other customers to buy so as to generate more income.

Johnson Group Save Local Bee Conservation Program - How does the program work?

The stories to tell

Case 1

A beehive underneath a drain was reported. When we got there, we found the queen has already been taken probably by a bee hobbyist. Instead of leaving those “orphans” behind, we still brought them back to the bee farm and assigned a new queen for them. We knew if we left them unattended, they would die eventually in one month.

Late April 2018

Case 2

A beehive was reported on the rooftop of an industrial building. We knew clearly that other pest control companies would just spray toxic pesticides and kill all the bees. Finally, we spent three hours under a bright and hot sunlight just to lead 40,000 of them into a bee bag. They are now living in a new home, taken care and protected by a local beekeeper.

Late May 2018

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