【520 World Bee Day】Bee engaged with Youth!

Today is the 520 World Bee Day, and the theme for 2024 is “Bee engaged with Youth!” The aim is to promote the local beekeeping development and the importance of bees as pollinators by harnessing the power of youth. It also seeks to raise awareness among young people about the crucial role of bees in agriculture, ecological balance, and biodiversity.

Save Local Bees Conservation Program encourages youth to become advocates for the sustainable beekeeping industry through activities such as beekeeping tours and educational events.

Conserving Bees Starts with Small Actions:

  • Planting flowering plants
  • Protecting the flora and trees around us
  • Avoiding the use of insecticides that kill and harm bees.
  • Contacting us to relocate beehives.
  • Supporting local honey to reduce carbon footprint.

Support Local Bee Farmers, Conserve Local Bees

Our program involves the rescue and relocation of lost bees in urban areas by local beekeepers to their own bee farms. This allows the bees to return to nature and continue their lives. All the honey sold by Save Local Bees is sourced from these simple yet meaningful rescue efforts, with 100% local harvest and manufacturing in Hong Kong. As you savor each mouthful of honey, you can also learn about the stories behind the bee rescues, making your purchase more meaningful!

The sale proceeds from honey will be used to support the Save Local Bees Conservation Program.

Save Local Bees Conservation Program
Support Local Honey