Johnson Group Bathroom Cleaning Say Goodbye to All Stubborn Stains

Household bathroom cleaning is a real headache, plus the humidity in Hong Kong makes bathroom bacteria and mold multiply rapidly. In particular, toilet bowls, sinks, bathtubs, and tile gaps are the most problematic areas, they are full of nasty stains and black mould. No matter how hard you scrub, it is difficult to fully restore the original appearance, and the cleaning process is troublesome. It’s a waste of energy and time.

In fact, bathroom cleaning can be very fast and efficient. All you need is a team of professionals. Johnson Group offers Bathroom Cleaning & Mould Removal service to help you farewell the nasty stains immediately. Toilets are back to their bright and neat in no time!

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Johnson Group Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal

The pandemic has not yet been over and we need to be vigilant at all times. Most outbreaks are due to poor sewage treatment in toilets. Water stains and soap bubbles are all sources of nutrients for moulds. Toilet stains also lead to bacterial growth!

You definitely need Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal services to protect you and your family’s health!

Service Features

  • Remove all the stubborn stains and grease off your bathroom. Better cleanliness makes more hygienic environment.
  • All-round deep cleaning of washbasin, toilet, bathtub/bathroom screen, exhaust fan, etc., to remove stubborn stains.
  • Hot steam cleaning removes old moulds on the plastic edges of glasses, without damaging the surface of marbles, or ceramic tiles.
  • Clean withSmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant no harmful substances.
  • Use only 3M Scotch-Brite™ High Performance Microfiber Clothfor cleaning the stains and dust.

In case of stubborn stains and moulds: We are eager to offer you the best deep cleaning service. For those extremely serious stains and moulds, we may not be able to remove them 100%, but we can improve the situation significantly.

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Service Results – Before & After

Thoroughly Clean Smooth Surfaces Such As Glass, Shower Heads, and Bathtubs

Showering is a relaxing moment after a hard day’s work, and a nice shower is refreshing. But if the bathroom is dirty, you can’t enjoy it and you won’t feel comfortable!

Johnson Group staffs will use 3M Scotch-Brite™ High Performance Microfiber Cloth to polish them back to the clean and shiny. After that, you can comfortably shower and relax!

BeforeJohnson Group Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal Before

Remove All Mould from Cabinets and Shelves

Toilet cabinets or shelves tend to accumulate water and become a breeding ground for the mould over time! Johnson Group uses ultra-high temperature steam cleaning to exterminate the mould and make them shiny as new!

Johnson Group Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal BeforeJohnson Group Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal After

Deep Cleaning of Taps

Taps are often the most neglected part of our lives, but we use them a lot daily, leaving a lot of grease and dust on our hands. Lack of cleaning will greatly affect the water quality and increase the threat to our health!

Johnson Group team uses SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray. It is safe and reliable without leaving any residues. The taps are restored to their original beauty, you also don’t have to worry about water pollution anymore!

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