Non-toxic Kitchen Cleaning Methods, Say No to Harmful Chemicals

The kitchen has become the biggest breeding ground for household pests due to the heat and cooking fumes, plus food waste and garbage all year round. In addition to the most common greasy spots such as stoves, ovens, microwaves, range hoods and exhaust fans, kitchen walls, ceilings and sinks can also accumulate stubborn stains, and even kitchenware and tableware can be affected. Cleaning with chemical cleaners may seem convenient, but chemical substances left on the food surface through cookware can be harmful to health or life threatening!

You need a professional grease removal service to get rid of these stubborn stains! Johnson Group offers Kitchen Cleaning & Grease Removal services to help you say farewell to grease and grime. Your kitchen will be restored to its glory and your cooking pleasure will be rekindled!

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Johnson Group Kitchen Cleaning and Grease Removal

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Kitchen fumes not only accumulate in the stove and hood, the kitchen walls and ceiling will also be greasy. If you are not careful, your family members or workers may slip on it, and you will not even be covered by insurance!

You definitely need Kitchen Cleaning & Grease Removal Service, with Johnson Group team to carry out “3D Professional Kitchen Cleaning”, let us take care of the kitchen from top to bottom!

  • We tackle the old grease and grime in your kitchen, clean it thoroughly and improve the cleanliness of your kitchen, bringing you more fun in the kitchen!
  • All-around deep cleaning for stoves, range hoods/extractor fans, ovens and microwaves to remove stubborn stains
  • Hot steam cleaning to remove stubborn grease without damaging stoves and stainless steel surfaces
  • Thoroughly cleans and disinfects inside and outside the kitchen SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray without leaving residue, safe and reliable
  • Polishing and honing of stainless steel appliances, sink plates, faucets, etc. with 3M® Scotch-Brite™ High Performance Cloth (FB250), restoring a bright and flawless finish
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Thoroughly Clean the Stove

The stove is most likely to leave a lot of food waste and grease during the cooking process. Improper handling will not only increase the risk of fire, but also become the dining table of cockroaches and rats. And if the stove is not clean, you won’t be in the mood to cook!

Johnson Group officials will use high-temperature steam cleaning to remove stubborn grease and stains without harming the stove. So you can get back in the mood to cook!


Deep Cleaning, Range Hoods/Extractor Fans, Ovens & Microwave Ovens

Range hoods are the kitchen appliances that accumulate grease the fastest. In addition to the stickiness of grease, dust and mosquitoes all stick to the fan at once, which is nauseating and reduces the efficiency of ventilation, thus greatly reducing the hygiene level of the kitchen.

In addition, since it is difficult to rinse or soak ovens and microwave ovens with water, if bleach or chemical cleaning agents are used, chemical residues will be left behind. If chemicals accidentally fall on the surface of food, they can cause skin damage or lung damage and death.

Your kitchen’s cleanliness and health is the mission of Johnson Group! The professional cleaning team uses the most specialized equipment to help you deep clean, with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray and AURO #660 Mircrowave & Oven Cleaner to thoroughly clean and sanitize. You’ll have a kitchen that’s ready to use and safe to cook in.

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