In order to control and prevent a wide range spread of infection, we should wear masks and wash our hands often. The details of disinfection has became even more crucial too.

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SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is a proprietary blend of plant extracts and essential oils. It contains thymol, which is able to kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses. Apart from cleaning surfaces, the disinfectant is able to replace alocohol-based hand sanitizer as well.

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Benefits of smell green disinfectant

Benefits of Using SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant

  • Non-toxic, Non-corrosive, pH8
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Does not stain surfaces or skin
  • Safe for kids, pets and the environment
  • 100% biodegradable
  • HKSTC certified, 99.99% anti-bacterial efficacy
  • Product from Canada, verified by the US EPA and Health Canada

Applications of SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant

  • Eliminate mould on walls, ceilings and hard surfaces
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces such as furniture, trash bins, telephone, door handles, accessories of pets, toys etc.
  • Space disinfection, to kill bacteria and viruses
  • As a hand sanitizer to clean and disinfect hands (Can be used with Infra-Red Sensor Automatic Spray Dispenser)

Product - SmellGREEN Natural Disinfectant Spray

The Problems of  Conventional Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizer

It is very common for us to carry a bottle of alcohol-based sanitizer with us and disinfect our hands anytime we want. However, sebum secretion could be washed off our skin,  which causes dry skin, or even allergies, especially for kids. Most of the sanitizer and wet wipes available contain substances like gluteraldehyde, ammonium chloride which could irritate our eyes and cornea. Some might contain methanol which could cause cancer with chronic exposure.

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