Behind the Stories

“A Great Migration”, “Littles Bees in the Forbidden Place”, “The Loss of Mom”, those loving stories with happy ending all rely on the immense support from our clients. The Program will find a new home for honey bees that have gone astray, and provide supports for local beekeepers at the same time.

As a company which values our environment and sustainability, we’ve adopted numerous green practices including the usage of physical devices, natural repellents and non-toxic materials to deal with pest problems. Moreover, we want to contribute more by helping with the conservation of the local honey bees in particular.  It is because “Insects are living in nature, they’re just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, then we call them pests” is truly our belief.

The Significance of Saving Bees –
Harmony between Humans and Bees

Over the past few decades, the most common approach to deal with beehives is to kill, no matter if they are found nearby residential or commercial building. In other words, whenever a pest control company receives a report of beehive, they’ll just destroy it and kill all the bees inside with pesticides.

Actually, the honey bee is a kind of beneficial insects which pose no threats to us unless we provoke them. Besides, bees play a vital role in our ecosystem. Bees, as pollinators, are responsible for pollinating almost three quarters of all crops. Bees also have played their part in pollinating the food for the animals, that we then consume.

Objectives of the Conservation Program – Follow bees

莊臣集團 拯救本地蜂保育計劃

Johnson Group does not kill bees with pesticide, instead we relocate them to bee farms for a new life. This program aims at saving bees and helping local beekeepers at the same time.

To achieve the goals that both bees and beekeeping can be sustainable, we…

  • Educate the public, especially kids, about the importance of bees in the ecosystem
  • Ban the use of outdoor neuro-active pesticides (neonicotinoids) that harm bees
  • Relocate beehives to bee farms instead of killing them
  • Promote local honey to reduce carbon emissions (reduce carbon footprint)

Buy Local Honey · Save Local Bees

Purchase local honey to support our “Save Local Bees” Conservation Program, not only to make changes for thousands of honey bees, but also to help out the local beekeepers, as well as to maintain the sustainability of our environment.


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