Moulds and Bacteria Are Commonly Found in Cars

Many families focus on cleaning only their homes in order to eliminate allergens including moulds and bacteria, but may easily neglect the car interior.

High humidity and frequent rain increase moisture in a car and facilitate the growth of mould and bacteria, leading to severe health problems. Children or allergy sufferers inhaling or getting in touch with mould spores will also trigger various allergic reactions.

If you suspect that there are moulds or bacteria in cars, you can adopt our Bacteria or Mould Identification Tests to find out the sources of allergy. We will also provide related solutions (services or products) according to the test results.

Mould Identification Test (Air / Surface)


This test aims to identify the types of moulds by taming samples of indoor air or hard surfaces where mould growth is suspected.

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Bacteria Identification Test

By collecting swab samples, this test is suitable for clients who want to find out whether particular types bacteria (micrococcus / staphylococcus / bacillus / pseudomonas) are present on specific objects / materials.

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Identification Report

After sampling is completed, the samples will be sent to a laboratory in Canada. The lab has been accredited to ISO 17025 international standard by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) for identification. Clients will receive the original lab report and our recommendations which are based on test results after the service.

Eliminate Mould &Bacteria in Your Car

Car Cleaning & Sanitizing (Exterior & Interior) Service

Deep clean the car’s interior regularly (i.e. at least twice a year) can improve your family health, keep your family away from allergy and bacterial infection.

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