Warm Up Your Home With Professional Windows and Lighting Cleaning

Indoor lighting depends of the lighting design and natural light source. However, the glass windows and chandeliers/lightings are prone to collecting dust and dirt easily. DIY cleaning could be a little bit too risky, and cleaning services providers often only hire amateurs for the job, or do not even provide cleaning services for glasses and chandeliers altogether. That is why you need help from professionals.

Professional Chandelier/Lighting Cleaning

Johnson Group’s professional cleaning team is very experienced in handling crystal chandeliers. All kinds of lighting, including chandelier, lighting trough, crystal, European chandelier, ceiling fan lighting etc., we are able to handle. And we use only natural cleaners in the process, making sure there will not be harmful chemicals, while eliminating all allergens, dirt and tiny particles.

Service Features

  • Clean with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, no harmful substances
  • Use only 3M® Microfiber Cloth for cleaning the stains and dust
  • Professional Allergens Vacuum Cleaner to remove all particles and dust
  • Steam clean if necessary for removing stubborn stains and rust stains.
  • Safe and eco-friendly, pet and children friendly, keeping you away from allergens

*This service will be included for Entire Home Deep Cleaning and Renovation/Move-in Cleaning services

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Professional Glass Window Cleaning

Windows are essential for you to have the perfect view, and also for indoor natural lighting. Clear windows can make your interior warmer and stylish!

However, being exposed outside means it will be stained by nature, including dirt, water marks, corrosion stains etc. The window grilles and frames are also easy to be dirty, due to the exposure to bird droppings, dusts and oxidation stains from the metals. Some of the stains could be unreachable with our bare hands, making it more difficult for us to DIY clean, and it could be dangerous as well. That’s why you need a team of professionals for the job!

Service Features

  • Experienced personnel with specific tools, suitable for difficult positions or big commercial windows cleaning (excluding suspended working platforms)
  • Able to handle jobs that requires safety ropes
  • Grease stains, paint stains, glue/tape stains, water stains can all be cleaned
  • Use natural cleaners instead of chemicals, no harmful substances
  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant to kill bacteria, viruses and moulds.
  • Window frame, outdoor glasses, hinges, locks, grilles will all be cleaned thoroughly

*This service will be included for Entire Home Deep Cleaning and Renovation/Move-in Cleaning services

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Year-end Cleaning Special Offer!

Make An Appointment Early! Do Not Miss Out Before Lunar New Year!

Year-end cleaning does not need to be done at the very end of the calendar. Before the busy holiday seasons, let’s deep clean your home first! Enjoy the festive times with the comfiest environment! You can clean up your new home before moving in, or simply clean your current home before tidying up during Lunar New Year!

Apart from the discounted price for our services, we will deliver free gifts during the service, including GreenSTORE New Year Cleaning Pack and Cocomall’s “Eight Blessings” E-Voucher (八福臨門家居禮券) (limited)!

The appointments period start from 6th December 2021, until 15th January 2022. Please make sure to carry out the service before 22nd January 2022 to enjoy the discounted price!

Make Your Early Bird Appointment Now!


Terms and Condition for ‘Year-end Deep Cleaning Early Bird Discount’

  • ‘Year-end Deep Cleaning Early Bird Discount’ (‘Early Bird Discount’ in the following)’s Move-in Cleaning service is only applicable for unfurnished homes (excluding built-in cabinets, bed frames, shelves etc. If there are already furniture such as sofas, mattresses, carpets, table/chairs, the service will be charged as ‘Entire Home Deep Cleaning’ service
  • ‘Entire Home Deep Cleaning’ service is applicable for current homes, it covers kitchens, washrooms, bed rooms and living rooms. including the furniture such as sofas, mattresses, carpets, curtains etc., but excluding air-conditioners
  • ‘Early Bird Discount’ service are open for appointments from 6th December 2021 until 15th January 2022, the appointed service should be carried out within 13th December 2021 to 22nd January 2022
  • ‘Early Bird Discount’ shall be valid once the service fees are paid within 7 days after appointments are finalized, the CoCoMall ‘Eight Blessing’ e-voucher will be sent to clients immediately, the ‘GreenSTORE New Year Cleaning Pack’ will be delivered by service team on the appointed service date
  • The CoCoMall ‘Eight Blessings’ e-voucher includes cash vouchers applicable to products as following:
    3M Water Filtration System $100
    3M Shower Filter $100
    Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $150
    Dyson Air Purifier $150
    Momax Vacuum Robot $200
    Philips/Lockly Smart Electric Door Lock $200
    OSIM Massage Chair $300
    Cuckoo Water Purifier $600
  • The ‘Early Bird Discount’ is subjected to terms and conditions. Johnson Group Pest Specialist Ltd., Codeco and CoCoMall reserve the right of final decisions and explanation to the written terms
  • Refunding is not available for all The ‘Early Bird Discount’ services

Renovation/Move-in Cleaning & Sanitizing

Bits of concrete, paint, cement plaster, solution, bits of wood, glue, tapes, water marks, rust etc. are some of the most common stains after a renovation project, and they are usually found in corners where you do not normally pay attention to. Clients always notice once they moved in and allergic reactions such as runny nose and headache occurred.

Let Johnson Group’s Renovation Cleaning Team help you with all these problems!

Service Features

  • Use only all-natural and non-toxic cleaner
  • Professional allergy vacuum cleaner to eliminate all tiny dust particles and allergens
  • Experience and well-trained, detailed-minded specialists, take care of all the crevices that you missed
  • Allergen-free and eco-friendly, so that you can move-in immediately, ensuring safety for children and pets
  • Optional VOC removal package, natural cleaner to dissolve VOCs, ensuring safety
Early Bird Appointment – Move-in Cleaning (Unfurnished)
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Entire Home Deep Cleaning & Sanitization

A clean environment is essential for you to enjoy your family time.

However, interior air pollution could be 2-5 times worse than that of outdoors. There are numerous spots in our home to accommodate health threats such as allergens. And Johnson Group is the specialist against these invisible threats.

Johnson Group’s one-stop cleaning service is about tailor-making solutions for our clients. With the help of cutting-edge equipment and natural cleaners, we can remove all stains, allergens, bacteria, viruses, moulds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Use only natural cleaner and disinfectant, no harmful chemical residues
  • Utilizing non-chemical means such as extraction cleaning, steam cleaning and UV-C etc., safe for clients, and best for maintaining furniture
  • Johnson Group’s specialist are experienced, will adjust the cleaning service according to clients’ needs for better accuracy
Early Bird Appointment – Entire Home Deep Cleaning (Furnished)
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