Dehumifiers Not Working? How to Deal With This?

Car interior is a sealed space. Although new cars often have a air circulations system, but once the car was turned off, it remains sealed. Dander, grease, as well as allergens like viruses, bacteria, moulds, dust mites etc. are not preventable, and you car will turn out like this if you are not careful!

What to Do? Johnson Group Will Sort It Out!


For Your Safety’s Sake, Deep Clean Your Car Regularly!

It was suggested in an international study from 2017 that, 63% of the 3800 interviewees who suffered from nasal allergies agreed that their allergic reactions had affected their driving. 14% of them suggested that their allergic reactions had caused them to make mistakes when driving. The potential danger should never be overlooked.

Common allergic reactions such as headache, sneezing, runny nose, insomnia, itchy skin etc. are easily triggered within car interiors. For safety concerns, you need to clean your interior regularly!

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Car Interior Deep Cleaning

  • AURO Natural Cleaner with extraction cleaning for all fabrics, remove all stubborn stains
  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant for space disinfection, kills bacteria, viruses, moulds and remove odour
  • Wipe and clean the dashboard, grilles, steering wheels and central panel etc. with microfibre clothes.
  • FurnitureClinic® Leather Care Products to clean the leather seats while preventing cracks and de-coloring
  • High temperature steam cleaning, dissolve all stains and sanitize naturally
  • Optional VOC Removal Service, with the help of natural non-toxic remover to remove cancer inducing substances
  • Optional Car Interior VOC Test and Microorganism Level Detection to verify the cleaning results
  • Optional 180 Days Anti-microbial Disinfecting Coating service
  • We can provide on-site disinfecting service, contact us for more details!
  • Apart from private cars, we also clean commercial vehicles such as van, school bus, truck, taxi etc.
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Car Exterior Cleaning

Conventional car wash uses big and rough brushes for cleaning, and you will never know which cleaner or sanitizer they used on your car. Any damages on your protective coating or paint could be devastating and frustrating. Johnson Group use botanical SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant with 3M® Microfibre Cloths for wiping and cleaning, only uses high pressure water guns when necessary. Our service is a lot more mellow but still effective, with no corrosive or harmful substances left on your car. Safe, reliable and eco-friendly. Better still, you can make appointments beforehand, no need to queue up and wait!

appointments and enquiries

Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517