Our 🥇SLB volunteer team is on the move again! We received an invitation from three students at ELCHK Lutheran Academy in Yuen Long, who are currently working on a project related to “Protecting Local Bees”, and want to learn more about bee knowledge and beekeeping environments.

We specially designed a honeybee guided tour for the students, and Uncle Kwong is here too~ The students were very excited on the day of the tour, immediately taking pictures and checking in all around, and we passed by fish ponds and large numbers of beehives along the way. With mountains and water, it was like a paradise😆.

Uncle Kwong personally prepared a transparent beehive for us to observe the bees and the queen bee up close, and then took us to garden to see the bees collecting cornflower nectar. Uncle Kwong also explained the local beekeeping industry and introduced the environmental protection operation of the bee farm, including making good use of waste materials for farming and renewable energy🥰!!

If you are interested in visiting the bee farm, please feel free to inquire with us and learn more about the beekeeping industry in Hong Kong ❤️!

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