【Green tips: 5 places to clean after renovation and before moving in】

Most people would like to have renovation done after purchasing houses and before moving in. Since renovation workers normally will not provide any cleaning service afterward or will only do basic cleaning, there are a few places likely to be ignored and you should pay more attention:

1. Dust and odors inside air conditioners
The coil and surface of air conditioners normally are covered in dust and will become smelly once workers turn them on during renovation. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and sanitize it before moving in.

2. Kitchen cabinets, appliances and refrigerators covered with dust
Dust rises in the air and it is important to clean kitchen cabinets, appliances, and refrigerators as it is where the food is prepared. It is for the health of yourself and your family.

3. Bathrooms mirrors, steel, toilets, faucets and gaps
Workers may use the bathroom during renovation and may leave mirrors, steel, toilets, faucets and gaps with stains and dirt. The place hence needs to be cleaned to make sure it will not become a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

4. Glass, water marks and paint stains
After renovation, workers may leave the glass with dirt, water marks and paint stains on it, and it is necessary to make sure the glass become shiny and clear.

5. Dust on walls and ceiling light troughs
Walls and ceiling light troughs often are dusty after renovation which may cause allergies and even long-term health threats. To protect the health of yourself and your family, it is a must to clean all surfaces before moving into new places.

People spend most of their time at home individually or with family, and it is vital to keep them clean and comfortable. If you want to live in places that are deep cleaned and disinfected, our Renovation/Move-in Cleaning & Sanitizing Service can help you. Contact us today to learn more!

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