The weather and monsoon in Summer creates a warm and moist environment for mosquitoes to breed even faster.

Mosquito infestation should not be neglected. but the use of toxic chemical products may not only pollute the environment, but may also bring adverse effect to animals or humans. Therefore, it is very important to choose safe and non-toxic mosquito control products.

The two products below can effectively eliminate mosquitoes, and at the same time bring no harm to humans, animals, aquatic organisms and the environment.

SafePRO® Aquatain AMF Mosquito Film™

SafePRO® Aquatain AMF Mosquito Film™ can be applied on ponds and drains, it lowers the surface tension of water in order to prevent mosquito larvae from breathing as well as female mosquitoes from depositing their eggs on the water surface, drowning many of them in the attempt.

Benefits of Using SafePRO® Aquatain AMF

  • Non-dangerous, Non-toxic
  • Not a biocidal product
  • No harm to humans and environments
  • No harm to soil organisms and aquatic organisms (fish, daphnia, algae)
  • Degrade in the environment back to silica (quartz), carbon dioxide and water
  • Do not bio-accumulate or bio-concentrate
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SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer

SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer is a 100% natural fertilizer, eliminating mosquitoes and improving quality, yield and overall plant health at the same time. The food for larvae is drastically reduced by the micro-nutrients that are transformed in excessive dimensions by the micro-organisms found in SafePRO® . These micro-organisms also multiply rapidly feeding off the same substances which the larvae need to feed.

Benefits of Using SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer

  • 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Rehabilitate soils and improve plants quality
  • Reduce mosquito (especially female) populations
  • Over 90% of larvae elimination
  • No harm to humans and the environment
  • No harm to soil organisms and aquatic organisms (fish, daphnia, algae)
  • Effective for 30 days
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+DIY Repelling Products

Mosquito Repellent Set

Mosquito Repellent Set

“Double Action+Double Protection” provide you and your family with the most natural and comprehensive protection.

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+DIY Killing Products

PestAerosol™ Flying Pests Aerosol Insecticide

Effective against flying pests, including mosquitoes, midges, flies and small crawling pests

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+DIY Trapping Products

PestWest® SUNBURST Glue Board Insect Killer

This insect killer is easy matching to your interior design, can be used wall-mounted or freestanding.

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