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Bed bug problems are prevalent worldwide, from Europe and America to Korea, Taiwan, and even our favorite city, Japan, known for its cleanliness and tidiness. It is not immune to bed bug infestations! Are you worried about bed bugs when traveling? Let our bed bug experts teach you how to combat bed bugs and proactively prepare for a worry-free journey!

Johnson Group x HomeSquare will be hosting a Bed Bug Prevention Sharing Talk in the coming two weekends. The Point members can register for the event with just 200 points and will receive a gift of an anti-bacterial touch-free device at the venue! Details are as follows:

Bed Bug Prevention Sharing Talk

📆 May 25 and June 2
⌚ 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM
📍 HomeSquare L5

Guest Speaker: Mr. Keith Wong, General Manager of Johnson Group – With over 20 years of experience in the industry, sharing his pest control knowledge at major media in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

During the session, speakers will share valuable tips on bed bug prevention, helping you avoid bed bugs and prevent them from hitching a ride on your luggage and personal belongings during your travels, thus eliminating the home nuisance caused by bed bugs.

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