See You Next Week at HKCEC’s PropEx 2021!

The all-new International Property Management and Procurement Expo 2021 will be held at HKCEC on 4th to 6th November 2021. Johnson Group will meet you at Hall D-E, specifically Booth D-26 & D-28.

If you are interested in any aspects of our Green Cleaning and Pest Control services, feel free to visit us! There will be limited gifts for our guests as well!

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As the properties market blooming in Hong Kong, Number of private accommodations and commercial buildings has skyrocketed, so has the business of properties management. Environmental hygiene has always been a vital part of managing and maintaining properties. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for sanitization, cleaning and means for preventing disease transmissions is huge.

Johnson Group is The All-round Expert of Environmental Hygiene!

Since 1947, Johnson Group has proudly served Hong Kong for over 70 years. From specifying in termite controls, our founders won a good reputation in the pest control business. Now in 2021, Johnson Group is a team of professionals excelling in both cleaning and pest control. From household to commercial/governmental bodies. We will come up with tailor-made procedures for our clients that is the most effective and most eco-friendly!

In 2011, Johnson Group launched our branch at Taiwan. And in 2018 we started the green lifestyle e-shop – GreenSTORE, providing a one-stop shopping experience of cleaning/pest control DIY and eco lifestyle products.


Our Green Partners

Johnson Group is looking for partnership with different corporations in product distributing, crossover discount offers, cleaning and pest control services undertaking, and environmental awareness promotions etc., so as to further enrich the eco and sustainable lifestyle concept.

We welcome any corporations/companies which are seeking sustainability to discuss any business opportunities with us!

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Save Local Bees Conservation Program

The number of bees in this world is now drastically decreasing, which is very worrying. As the eco system will collapse if bees went extinct, and all the animals including human will not survive due to food shortage. Therefore, Johnson Group launched the Save Local Bees conservation program from 2018, trying to lead by example, saving the bees instead of exterminating.

Bring the Bees Back to The Nature

When we receive reports of beehives, beekeepers will work with our pest specialist together to relocate the colony of bees back to the bee farm. It was to bring bees back to the environment close to nature, and produce natural honey. The honey produced will be bought back, and retail at GreenSTORE, so as to keep the beekeeping business sustainable.

We Welcome Any Individuals/Corporations to Participate!

No matter If It is Crossover Promotions, Purchasing Honey, Sightseeing Tours or Sharing Sessions,

We would like you to join us!

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