Autumn is a Dry Season, However… Bacteria and Mould Could Still Sneak In!

Every time when the climate is starting to get cool during early Autumn, a lot of people tend to suffer from allergic reactions such as itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing, some even suffer from rhinitis sicca which results in nosebleed. Simply clean your surrounding might not be enough, you need to know where exactly do allergens come from!

Air conditioner could be your source of allergens! When the dust and dirt accumulated onto the fan coil, with moist due to the temperature deficit, it will become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould!

Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

“But I Cleaned The Air Filter?”

Unfortunately that would be not enough! As mould not only grow on the surface, but also the interior of an air conditioner where you cannot reach. Even if you clean the air filter regular, situation might not be improved.

To solve the allergy problem, from the body, to ghillie and fan coil, we will dissemble all the components, so as to thoroughly clean and sanitize.

We use the AerisGuard™ Bio-enzyme Coil Cleaner and SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant for the service. Natural ingredient ensuring there is no corrosiveness, protecting the interior parts of an air conditioner so that it will be more durable. Lastly, spray the AerisGuard™ Anti-bacterial Coat onto the indoor coil, so as to inhibit growth of moulds and bacteria for 12 months.

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Johnson Group Air Conditioner Cleaning & Sanitizing
Johnson Group Air Conditioner Cleaning & Sanitizing
Johnson Group Air Conditioner Cleaning & Sanitizing
Johnson Group Air Conditioner Cleaning & Sanitizing

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Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

Interior Air Purifying Products

LIFAair™ LA352 Air Purifier

The Triple-later Filter System with pre-filer, activated carbon filter and H12 HPEA fitler enables LA352 to remove the hazardous particles such as bacteria, micro-organism, mold, pet dander, fiber and other unpleasant odor.

LIFAair has 4 independent air quality monitors, so that it can measure formaldehyde, can measure PM2.5 too, more important, it has a carbon dioxide sensor and odor sensor all these indexes will be in the form of ocular data.

Buy Now Special Price $4,880

NanoFIL KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter (Allergic)

Local brand NanoFIL self-developed KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter make use of a compound of nano fiber and activated carbon by electrospinning. The filter is tested by authorities and proven to be effective against PM0.3 particles, including common allergens such as dust, pollen or dust mites. It also kills 99.99% bacteria.

The nano filter has high porosity so as to ensure the air outlet volume can be maintained. Simply cut it into appropriate size and stick it onto the filters, it is compatible with air purifiers or dehumidifiers as well.

Buy Now Special Price $206.8