Clean Before You Move-in! Even With Construction Works Done!

New office? New warehouse? New home? New studio? Tenant leaving your properties? Let’s clean up with our professional move-in/renovation cleaning team!

This time, Johnson Group had done a move-in cleaning service for CSP Times‘ editor – Faye, as she was moving into a new apartment. Although, the flat was not dusty because she did not renovate it before, there were still a lot of stains and dirt due to the previous usage. Especially the water taps, bathtub, floor, door frames, glasses etc. are all stained, while the drainage of the kitchen and bathroom had a lot of rust stains as well.

The air conditioners, lighting troughs, shelves, curtains etc. are warm beds for bacteria, viruses, moulds and dusts as well. We need to thorough clean them to prevent and contact with allergens when moving in!

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Want your new space look brand-new when moving in? Want your properties to be refreshed after leasing? Johnson Group’s Cleaning Team can help!

Service Features

  • Use only all-natural and non-toxic cleaner
  • Professional allergy vacuum cleaner to eliminate all tiny dust particles and allergens
  • Experience and well-trained, detailed-minded specialists, take care of all the crevices that you missed
  • Allergen-free and eco-friendly, so that you can move-in immediately, ensuring safety for children and pets
  • Optional VOC removal package, natural cleaner to dissolve VOCs, ensuring safety
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Any lightings could be a dust and flying insects collecting point, and the complex structure of a chandelier is the worst for dust.

There are a lot of renovation cleaning service providers that would not clean chandelier due to the risks. But Johnson Group’s team is very experienced in handling chandeliers, we can clean your crystal chandelier or ceiling fans!

Bathrooms are always damp. The shiny surfaces such as glasses, stainless steels and ceramics are prone to having water marks, rusts and mould stains, which is unsightly.

Johnson Group’s team will use professional steam cleaner to dissolve and remove the stubborn stains, kill all bacteria and viruses at the same time. And then finish up all the dust and stains with botanical SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant.

The floor, floor skirtings, and door frame etc. are prone to having stains such as slipper marks, taping/glue marks or dints.

Johnson Group’s team can remove them by swiping and scratching, with the help of  SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, so that you do not need to replace them to make it look brand-new!

Raise any drapes or curtains in the light, and you will see a lot of particles being afloat, that is how threatening curtains can be in terms of having dirt and dust.

Nobody want to be in contact with the dander, sebum or dust mites left behind by the previous user. We will kill all the dust mites with the help of UV-C machine, and can clean the curtains by vacuuming and steam cleaning to remove all allergens.

Apart from curtains, air conditioner interior is another warm bed for bacteria, viruses, and moulds from the previous owner.

The fan coil is always damp, therefore it is a breeding ground for germs. Move-in cleaning should always include air conditioner cleaning! And we will spray a 12-month anti-bacterial coating to prevent mould growth as well.

Move-in Renovation Cleaning Before & After

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Additional Package – VOC Removal

  • Measure Total VOC (TVOC) values of indoors and furnishings with RAE® VOC Monitor
  • Measure formaldehyde (HCHO) values of indoors and furnishings with RAE® HCHO Monitor
  • Air wash indoor air by axial fan ventilation kit
    Vacuum wood furniture and fabric upholsteries with Miele Allergy Vacuum Cleaner
  • Space fogging with SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Removerdissolve and bring the VOC away
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