Mosquito season is peaking in this burning hot summer.
Even with the use of DEET mosquito repellents, mosquito coils or even a mosquito swatter, you may still find mosquitoes in your home.

Mosquito Control

Below are Three Tips for dealing with mosquitoes in an effective way

First Tips – Choosing the Right Repellents

Mosquito Repellent Set

You can look for DEET-free ingredients when purchasing mosquito repellents.

Though DEET mosquito repellents can drive mosquitoes out, the use of excessive DEET will cause certain side-effects to human, especially infants and children.

Second Tips – No Stagnant Water in Potted Plants


You should not ignore the plants and drainage because these may become a heaven for mosquito to spawn and breed. Mosquito larvae do not only live in stagnant water but also in leaf recesses of plants (particularly the tiger mosquito) and anywhere else where they are able to re-hydrate with any water containing vegetal exudates.

Third Tips – +DIY Mosquito Control

PestWest® NATURALE Bamboo Glue Board Insect Killer

You can simply manage mosquitoes through +DIY Mosquito Control products which emphasize on the use of non-chemical measures against mosquitoes. Killing, trapping, and repelling are 3 major control methods in +DIY Mosquito Control.

+DIY Repelling Products

Mosquito Repellent Set

Mosquito Repellent Set
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+DIY Killing Products

PestAerosol™ Flying Pests Aerosol Insecticide

Effective against flying pests, including mosquitoes, midges, flies and small crawling pests

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SafePRO® Mosquito-free™ Plant Fertilizer

If you have a garden or plants in your home, you can spray plant fertilizer to prevent the breeding of mosquito.

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SafePRO® Aquatain AMF Mosquito Film™

Outdoor pond and drainage are common blackspots of stagnant water. Using AMF Mosquito Film can prevent mosquito larvae from breathing as well as female mosquitoes from depositing their eggs on the water surface, drowning many of them in the attempt.

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+DIY Trapping Products

PestWest® SUNBURST Glue Board Insect Killer

This insect killer is easy matching to your interior design, can be used wall-mounted or freestanding.

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