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Preventing The Spread of Disease-Space Disinfection+Anti-microbial Coating

The peak season of the new Omicron variant is still here, Hong Kong’s escalation of confirmed cases still looming. Carry out a full space disinfection and anti-microbial coating, so as to enjoy a 180-day disinfecting protection. Preventing the virus from transmitting in any premises, avoid suffering further losses!

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Johnson Group Hospital Grade Space Disinfection

Thorough Area Disinfection – Convenient, Quick, Effective

Make use of the ULV fogger, 5-15µm droplets of disinfectant will be applied. The small particle is easier to flow and maintain in the air, which makes it more effective in disinfecting narrow spaces or crevices.

Our SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant was verified by US EPA and Health Canada, and proven to be effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses, which does not contain substances harmful against human or animal. It is suitable for disinfection carried out at busy places like commercial buildings, campuses, shops, construction sites or housing estates.

  • Only use non-toxic and non-stimulative disinfectant, ensuring safety
  • Personnel within the premise only need to stay away briefly, quick and effective, suitable for industrial and commercial purposes
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Johnson Group space disinfection cover


Johnson Group br-shield

Long-lasting Protection – Electrostatic Self-disinfecting Coating

After disinfecting with natural ingredients, you also need a anti-microbial disinfecting coating to provide long-lasting protection. It is good to apply the BR Shield Self-Disinfecting Anti-microbial Coating when the microorganism level is so low. The coating will form a electrostatic protective layer, attracting and destroying bacteria, viruses and moulds afloat in the air. Apart from stopping disease from spreading, it also helps inhibiting mould growth and preventing odor.

The non-chemical approach makes it safer with no harmful substance released.

  • Suitable for any surfaces, great for cutting of disease transmission in public and busy premises
  • Inhibit bacteria and mould growth, preventing odor
  • Can be carried out along with space disinfection, efficient, good for industrial and commercial purposes
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Year-end Special Discount – Professional Home Cleaning and Sanitization

Year-end cleaning does not need to be done at the very end of the calendar. Before the busy holiday seasons, let’s deep clean your home first! Get into the Year of Tiger with a spotless home! Make your appointments period start from on or before until 15th January 2022, and carry out services on or before 22nd January 2022, to enjoy the discounted price!

You can clean up your new home before moving in, or simply clean your current home before tidying up during Lunar New Year!

Apart from the discounted price for our services, we will deliver free gifts during the service, including GreenSTORE New Year Cleaning Pack and Cocomall’s “Eight Blessings” E-Voucher (八福臨門家居禮券) (limited)!

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Another new variant hits Hong Kong, let’s use the natural Thymol to disinfect and ensure yourself away from the coronavirus!

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