Ensuring The Health of Your Workforce, Gaining An Advantage

2022 is here, Lunar New Year is close by. Before the holidays, let’s deep clean your office first, so as to reduce the risk of employees being ill during the peak season of Flu.

Office carpet, seat, sofa, air-conditioning grille etc. are all prone to accumulating allergens. Headache, sneezing, runny nose, insomnia, itchy skin, even eczema are common allergic reactions, which could hinder our work efficiency. A study from the US in 2018 pointed out that nasal allergy will decrease our efficiency by 32.5% in average!

A clean office can definitely maintain employee’s morale and work rate!

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Most office have central air conditioning, and it is very hard to avoid spreading bacteria, viruses and moulds. And the grease and dander we left behind could attract dust mites as well. Therefore, we will sanitize with UVP® Ultraviolet (UV-C) Device, then remove the allergens with the help of Miele Professional Vacuum Cleaner. Eventually we will use extraction and steam cleaning to dissolve and remove the stubborn stains,

Thoroughly Cleaned from Within!

So Are The Fabric Sofas!

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Carpet Cleaning and Sanitizing

Offices, hotels always use carpet to decorate their floor, but it is prone to having dirt and contaminants in carpets. Our team will use professional floor scrubbers along with AURO™ Natural Fabric Cleaners, which is great for removing stubborn stains while preserving the carpets. Making them spotless while eliminating all potential allergens.

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Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

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