Deep Clean Washing Machines (Washers & Dryers) Remove Bacteria & Moulds

Johnson Group Deep Clean Washing Machines (Washers & Dryers) Service

Why Do We Need to Clean Washing Machine?

Perhaps you never considered washing machines and clothes dryers are breeding ground for bacteria and moulds. Do you know that dirt, bacteria and moulds can build up in the washing machine and land back on your clothes.

Research has been conducted on bacteria that thrive and multiply in washers and dryers and discovered an average load of underwear may leave around 100 million E. coli in the machines to contaminate the next load of laundry.

Therefore, an annual deep cleaning and sanitizing service of washers and dryers is highly recommended.

Deep Clean Washing Machines (Washers & Dryers)- Johnson Group

Benefits of Using Our Service

  • Deep clean & sanitize washing machine, remove allergens, bacteria and mould
  • Enzymes based cleaner to clean the drum, detergent drawer and other inner parts. pH neutral, non-corrosive, safe to humans and the environment
  • US EPA approved anti-bacterial coat to inhibit the growth of bacteria & mould*
  • High pressure cleaning to remove dust and dirt, making the machines bright and shine as new again
  • High temperature hot steam to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses
  • This service is performed by Johnson Group Authorized Partner™ – Green 3 Professional Washing Machine Cleaning Team

Exclusive Materials · Provide 12 Months Anti-mould Protection

AerisGuard™ Non-toxic Cleaner & Anti-bacterial Coat - Johnson GroupAerisGuard™ Non-toxic Cleaner & Anti-bacterial Coat - Johnson Group

AerisGuard™ Non-toxic Cleaner

AerisGuard™ Cleaner is composed with activated enzymes, it is pH neutral and has no detrimental effect on washing machines. It can be used to clean the drum and other inner parts, eliminating biofilm layers, bacteria, fungus and mould.

AerisGuard™ Anti-bacterial Coat

Inhibit the growth of bacteria and mould, U. S. EPA approved for up to 12 months protection.

Washing Machine (Washer & Dryer) Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

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