Bee Colony Under Dredging Truck

Buzzing in the Dust and Wind🚚

Save Local Bees Team and Beekeeper Uncle Kwong have been rescuing bees in many places that you can’t imagine. Today, a lost bee colony went to a dredging truck at the Cheung Sha Wan site and stayed there for short while!🚚

Uncle Kwong Saving Bees

The site is a mess 😵 It’s not easy to save bees there. But when there are bees, there is Save Local Bees 💪! When we see a bee colony going in and out of a dangerous place, of course we won’t just sit back and watch! Uncle Kwong himself went into the dusty and debris-strewn site and used his skilled hands and equipment to save the bees.

Save Local Bees program and FunBee will be partnering, providing you the latest fun news and fun facts about the world of bees!

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Bringing Honey Bees Back to The Nature

Honey bees is the guardian of the eco system by maintaining the balance and playing the vital role of pollinators. It enable plants to reproduce, and ensure human have their food sources and agriculture functioning. Without bees, human and a lot of species will not survive for long due to the collapse of eco system.

That is why Johnson Group launched the Save Local Bees program in 2018, lead by example, ‘saving the bees’ instead of exterminating them.

莊臣集團 拯救本地蜂保育計劃
Johnson Group Save Local Bee Conservation: Save the bees instead of killing them
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How Does the Program Work?

When we receive reports of beehives, beekeepers will work with our pest specialist together to relocate the colony of bees back to the bee farm. It was to bring bees back to the environment close to nature, and produce natural honey. The honey produced will be bought back and retail at GreenSTORE, so as to keep the beekeeping business sustainable.

Stop The Harm

Prohibit the use of outdoor neuro-active pesticides (neonicotinoids) or other high-toxicity chemical that harm bees. At the same time encourage the adoption of physical approach, eco approach and low-toxicity pesticide.

Relocation and Continuation

Saving the honey bees lost in the urban area, relocate their colony to bee farms instead of exterminating them.

Promoting Local Bee Honey

Buying back and retailing the honey produced by the beekeepers who worked with us on saving bees. Revitalize the local beekeeping business and reduce carbon footprint by promoting local honey.

Endorsing Sustainability

Host talks, crossover promotions etc. to educate the general public on the correct way of dealing with bees, and the vitalness of the bees to our eco system, encouraging sustainability.

Bees Saving Operations

Johnson Group slb tv farm visit 4
Found a beehive? Contact Johnson Group to relocate the bees to a new home

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