Car (Vehicle) Interior VOC Test

Do you know the “new car smell” may be made up of a broad range of VOCs. VOCs are used to manufacture adhesives, plastics, resins and synthetic rubbers. As vehicle interior is normally not ventilated well, the VOC level can be as much as three times greater than in indoor spaces. This is why nowadays people are more concerned about the potentially harmful of VOCs in the interiors of automobiles.

Car (Vehicle) Interior VOC Test
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This test aims to determine 8 types of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) level in vehicle interiors. After the service, you will receive a test report and our recommendations (related services and products) based on the results.

Common VOCs in vehicles include

  • Benzene and Formaldehyde – Classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the IARC (“carcinogenic to humans”).
  • Ethyl benzene and Styrene – Classified as a Group 2B carcinogen by the IARC (“possibly carcinogenic to humans”).
  • Toluene is classified in the European Union (EU) as a reproductive toxicant.
  • Xylene may cause liver and kidney damage.
  • Acetaldehyde – Chronic exposure may cause irritation of the eyes and skin.

Testing device

We adopt RAE® ppbRAE 3000 VOC Monitor to perform the VOC tests.

LIFAair™ LAC52 Smart Car Air Purifier

LIFA air™ LAC52 Smart Car Air PurifierLIFA air™ LAC52 Smart Car Air Purifier

LIFA air™ LAC52 Smart Car Air Purifier offers a up to 52m3/h Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), effectively removes particles and multiple pollutants in car, for example formaldehyde and Sulphur Dioxide.

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H11-grade HEPA Filter, Efficient Purification

H11-grade HEPA Filter, Efficient Purification

The double layer filter offers comprehensive cleaning efficacy to catch dust, allergens and PM2.5 particles. With larger filter area and capacity, the consumable costs of filter replacement can also be reduced.

LIFA air™ Real Time CO2 Monitoring, Added Safety on the Road

Real Time CO2 Monitoring, Added Safety on the Road

LAC52 has a built-in CO2 sensor, when the carbon dioxide level in the car exceeds a certain limit, the buzzer in the main unit will give different levels of alarm to remind the users of enhancing ventilation.

User-friendly Design

The control system is plugged to your car cigarette lighter plug and is also equipped with 5V 1A and 2A USB chargers, so that while purifying the air inside the car, you can charge other devices simultaneously.


Safe to Use

The purifier unit is located behind the headrest and won’t block the drivers view.