Johnson Group provides on-site professional A/C cleaning and sanitizing service. We do not need to remove the A/C for cleaning, so that it is very convenient and efficient. We only use non-toxic and non-corrosive cleaner, which will not impose any harm towards pets and human. Thorough A/C cleaning can ensure the machinery to be durable and efficient, a 12-month protection coating will be applied as well to inhibit growth of bacteria and moulds. Apart from A/C in households, we can also clean dehumifier, FCU and HVAC units.

Use pH Neutral Enzymatic Cleaner

We use the AerisGuard™ Coil Cleaner to clean the indoor cooling coil. The cleaner make use of enzymes, which is pH neutral and would not damage the coil or other metal parts. Conventional A/C cleaning services could only use highly corrosive cleaner would could damage the A/C and shorten the durability.

100% Botanical Disinfectant to Clean The Frame.

Using the SmellGREEN Natural Disinfectant to clean the frame can completely eliminate the bacteria and moulds. The ingredients are 100% botanical which will not release any toxic or stimulative substances. The highly corrosive cleaner of conventional services otherwise, could leave chemicals on the A/C unit, and release them once the A/C is turned back on.

Use Allergen-specific Vacuum Cleaner to Eliminate Allergens

Johnson Group uses Miele Vacuum Cleaner to clean the air filter, front grille, indoor coil and fan, and eliminate the allergen. While conventional services would only use high pressure water gun which could damage the machinery.

Steam Clean to Remove Odours & Dirt

We use Karcher® Professional Steam Cleaner to clean the front grille and indoor coil so that the stubborn stains and odours can be removed. Conventional services would only apply high pressure water gun but odour can still remains.

Coating On Indoor Coil Inhibits Bacteria Growth For 12 Months

After cleaning we will spray the AerisGuard™ Anti-bacterial Coat onto the indoor coil, so as to inhibit growth of microorganisms, protect it from moulds and bacteria for 12 months. The coating has been verified by the US EPA. Conventional services do not including the anti-bacterial coat. Once the interior became humid, the A/C unit could have moulds and odour fairly quickly.

Use The Anemometer To Ensure The A/C Unit’s Functionality

Before and after cleaning, we will use the anemometer to find out if the A/C unit is functioning properly. And we will record the efficiency of the front grille, so as to compare the effectiveness before and after the service. Normally the overall efficiency can be improved by the service. Conventional services could damage the machinery inside, and it is very difficult to spot the problem after the service is done.

Complimentary Item

FREE SmellGREEN® Natural Fragrance Gel (1 box) for being placed at home and purify the indoor air


Our Air-conditioner cleaning service does not involve cleaning of electrical connections or components, motors, back coils and outdoor units. The actual cleaning or anti-mould performances may vary over time.

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