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Johnson Group VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service; Remove 99% of Formaldehyde (VOC)

Formaldehyde (HCHO) is dangerous to human health as people often spend more than eight hours a day in their homes; infants and kids sometimes even spend the entire day at home.

Ways to remove VOC & formaldehyde:

  • Open windows to purge the VOCs and freshen the air
  • Select air purifiers with HEPA filter to reduce VOCs
  • Grow indoor plants that can remove harmful VOCs from your home
  • Use safe and non-toxic formaldehyde removal products
  • Contact Johnson Group for professional VOC removal service

VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service

Johnson Group VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service; Remove 99% of Formaldehyde (VOC)

Only use non-toxic materials to decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde. minimizing the risk of your family from being exposed to toxic chemicals.

Standard Package

  1. Measure Total VOC (TVOC) values of indoors and furnishings
  2. Measure formaldehyde (HCHO) values of indoors and furnishings
  3. Air wash indoor air by axial fan ventilation kit
  4. Vacuum wood furniture and fabric upholsteries
  5. Space fogging with SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover
  6. Measure again the overall value of TVOC and formaldehyde after service
  1. Spray with SafePRO® VOC Sealing Coat to inhibit VOC gases from out-gassing from wood furnishings
  2. Free SmellGREEN® Natural Fragrance Gel to decompose and replace unpleasant odours with natural scents
  3. Free Air Purifier to further improve indoor quality
  4. A complimentary VOCs and formaldehyde test report to compare the gas emission level before and after our service
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VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Product

SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover ; Remove 99% of Formaldehyde (VOC)

SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover

SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover

Directions for Use

SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover ; Remove 99% of Formaldehyde (VOC)
  • For surface cleaning, spray SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover on surfaces and wipe clean.
  • For larger area odour control, use fogging machine or misting fan to apply SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover
  • With the use of air purifier, the residual amount of formaldehyde (VOC) or other volatile organic compounds will be decomposed gradually, making your home a safer place to live.

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