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Raxit® Door Seal

Eliminates the risk of rodents and pest passing through the threshold and astragal gap of the doors.
The patented seals are developed in the flexible and durable material (Santoprene™). The 3.2mm wide Santoprene™ is galvanized with embedded acid resistant steel wires, which makes it virtually impossible for rodents and other pests pass through it.

3 Different Versions to Fit Your Needs

Raxit® Door Seal (Ready-to-use)

  • Suitable for residential & office use
  • Free custom cut available
  • Combine with aluminum steel
  • 1m long

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Raxit® Door Seal + Stainless-Steel Shielding Strip

  • Suitable for commercial & industrial use
  • Combine with stainless-steel
  • Custom cut available

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Raxit® Stationary Seal

  • Suitable for stationary building components
  • Without steel/aluminum strip
  • Custom cut available

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