Hiking Checklist

It’s getting cool and that’s the best timing to go for hiking. Visiting countryside and appreciating the natural environment is definitely refreshing and enjoyable!

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Before setting out:

It is important for you to plan your trip beforehand. Make sure that you are familiar with the paths, traffic and most importantly the evacuate route. Bring along with ample of drinking water, food, necessary gears and so forth. Besides, it is vital to pay attention to the weather condition, be sure to put on enough clothes and bring along a torch if you are setting out late.

A piece of warm reminder:

Many of the hikers always forget to protect themselves from insects such as mosquito. If you don’t want to be defenceless and get bitten by the insects easily, do protect yourself by choosing and applying natural insect repellents so as to avoid infection of insect-borne diseases and any allergic responses as well.

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Pick your hiking route accordingly:

Pick your hiking route accordingly: Choose your hiking route according to the physical fitness and strengths of yourself and other companions so as to avoid being over-exhausted. Evaluate the length, gradient and surface condition of the route to assess whether the route is appropriate—do not put yourself and your companions into risk!

Telephone numbers of Country Park Ranger offices and Visitor Centres:

In case of emergency, contact these parties for assistance.

  • Emergency number: 999
  • Fire Control Centre: 2720 0777 (24 hour hill fire reporting hotline)
  • Country Park Ranger offices (Enquiry for hiking routes during office hours)

1) Sai Kung: 2792 3730

2) Hong Kong: 2552 7907

3) Central: 2427 2670

4) Lantau: 2984 8191

5) West District: 2477 4896

6) North District: 2662 5015

  • Visitor Centres:

1) Aberdeen Tree Centre: 2555 2179

2) Tai Mo Shan Country Park Visitor Centre: 2498 9326

3) Sai Kung Country Park Visitor Centre: 2792 7365

4) Plover Cove Country Park Visitor Centre: 2665 3413

5) Lions Nature Education Centre: 2792 2234

Source: Country and Marine Parks Board

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