Great Honey Harvest! Save Local Bees Winter Honey is back in stock!

Great Honey Harvest! Save Local Bees Winter Honey is back in stock!

After a long harvesting period, Save Local Bees Winter Honey is available again at GreenSTORE!

As a health option for autumn and winter, Save Local Bees Winter Honey helps clear heat and soothe the throat. It aids in detoxification, reduces symptoms of colds and sore throats. Take advantage of the current cold and dry weather by making your own honey water or trying different combinations like honey rose tea. This will not only keep you warm but also provide you with the nutritional benefits of honey, boosting your immune system!

From now until February 4th, every purchase at GreenSTORE will earn you double points, which can be used as cash. Seize this opportunity and start shopping now!

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Interesting Honey Facts

Interesting Honey Facts

How can there be so few varieties of 100% Locally Harvested Save Local Bees Honey? In addition to the Winter Honey mentioned above, GreenSTORE also offers a few recommended Spring Honey options! For those who love local honey, you definitely shouldn’t miss the Multifloral Honey and Lychee/Longan Honey in the Spring Honey collection!

Spring Honey is neutral in nature, which is suitable for everyone. It nourishes and clears heat, effectively soothes throat discomfort, improves sleep quality, calms the mind, and fights fatigue.

Friendly reminder: Pure honey is a natural nutritional product. If consumed during winter or when desiring a warm beverage, it is recommended to mix it with water below 50°C. This way, you can absorb its nutritional benefits while enjoying its rich and delightful flavor.

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