Do Something Meaningful for the Bees 🐝

Found a beehive? Contact Johnson Group to relocate the bees to a new home

Previously, we received a beehive removal request from a client, but we certainly were not willing to kill these littles creatures, this was how our bee-saving conversation programme – Save Local Bees🐝 was founded, to help bees in Hong Kong and relocate them to a new home at bee keeper’s place.

We took almost 4 hours that day to collect all of the 40,000 bees into the bee bag. The crews were sweaty and hot working under the big bright sun☀, but it was all worth it when we thought of how wonderful it would be when the bees could continue their lives in a new home under good protection. After the relocation, some fresh and sweet honey🍯 was even brought back to our office to be share to each and every staff.

If you find any beehives near where you live or work, don’t hesitate, contact us ASAP!😉

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Johnson Group Save Local Bee Conservation Program
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