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Prepare for The Upcoming Spring Humidity

Weather will be getting warmer very soon, but the humidity could bring us a lot of problems such as mould stains, and increased risk of catching infectious diseases. Apart from removing allergens, you should carry out a full home deep cleaning service, along with space disinfection and anti-microbial coating!

Johnson Group’s Home + Cleaning can help you with the job, deep cleaning every single corner of your home! Our tailor-made cleaning solution will be design according to your environment and needs, eliminating all the unsightly stains, as well as invisible viruses, bacteria, moulds and dust mites etc.

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Anti-pandemic Services

Johnson Group space disinfection cover

The pandemic is still here, and the number of confirmed cases skyrocketed to a record-high after the Lunar New Year. Not only to deal with the humidity during Spring, you also need to have professional anti-pandemic treatments to protect yourself and your loved ones. Johnson Group’s space disinfection services can help!

Cold fogging with the SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant by using ULV foggers to sanitize every corner thoroughly. Then, apply the BR Shield 180 Days Self-disinfecting Anti-microbial Coating with the help of electrostatic sprayer. The attract and destroy the virus RNA afloat in the air by electromagnetic force, which is very effective in stopping diseases from spreading, and prohibiting mould and bacteria growth!

  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is 100% botanical, non-irritative, no harm to human or pets
  • Quick service process, no need to evacuate from the premise, suitable for both household and commercial purposes
  • Physical anti-microbial method, which does not involved any chemical residues to sanitize, more durable and better safety


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Entire Home Deep Cleaning & Sanitization

A clean environment is essential for you to enjoy your family time.

However, interior air pollution could be 2-5 times worse than that of outdoors. There are numerous spots in our home to accommodate health threats such as allergens. And Johnson Group is the specialist against these invisible threats.

Johnson Group’s one-stop cleaning service is about tailor-making solutions for our clients. With the help of cutting-edge equipment and natural cleaners, we can remove all stains, allergens, bacteria, viruses, moulds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

  • Use only natural cleaner and disinfectant, no harmful chemical residues
  • Utilizing non-chemical means such as extraction cleaning, steam cleaning and UV-C etc., safe for clients, and best for maintaining furniture
  • Johnson Group’s specialist are experienced, will adjust the cleaning service according to clients’ needs for better accuracy
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Home Cleaning – Curtain (Drape)

Isn’t it scary that whenever you shake and jitter your curtains under the sunlight, you would see those dust and dander flying around?

Matter of fact, curtains (drape) hang around the window means that it is our first line of defense towards any allergens and contaminants from the outside. Whenever the room is ventilated, the curtains became big air filters that will catch all the dust, dander, bacteria, viruses and moulds suspending and floating in the air.

Deep clean them with professional tools and personnel, revitalize the indoor air quality and regain your personal space!

Curtain Cleaning & Sanitizing
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Home Cleaning – Mattress (Inc. Fabric Sofa)

We spend average 6 to 8 hours of a day sleeping, but do you know there might be something else sleeping with you every day?

Dead skin, grease, sweat, dust and bacteria can easily accumulate on mattress and sofa, providing abundant food for dust mites. Statistically, the average mattress is home to about 2 million dust mites. If you have pets in the house, the situation could be even worse. While dust mites, dead skin dander, bacteria and viruses are all microscopic, we can make use of specific tools and technique to eliminate these invisible threats.

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Home Cleaning – Carpet and Rug

Carpets, live their lives under our feet, which almost guarantee it will catch all the dusts and contaminants in the air. If not cleaned routinely, carpets could be the best breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria, viruses and moulds. However, most of the carpets are made from cotton, Persian/Oriental rugs are made of wool, silk or other exotic fabrics, which requires specialized care.

No matter, experts from Johnson Group are highly skilled and experienced in handling such carpets/rugs, with the professional tools and natural materials, our team is determined to make your carpet/rug looks brand-new!

Rug and Carpet Cleaning & Sanitizing
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Renovation/Move-in Cleaning & Sanitizing

Bits of concrete, paint, cement plaster, solution, bits of wood, glue, tapes, water marks, rust etc. are some of the most common stains after a renovation project, and they are usually found in corners where you do not normally pay attention to. Clients always notice once they moved in and allergic reactions such as runny nose and headache occurred.

Let Johnson Group’s Renovation Cleaning Team help you with all these problems!

Service Features

  • Use only all-natural and non-toxic cleaner
  • Professional allergy vacuum cleaner to eliminate all tiny dust particles and allergens
  • Experience and well-trained, detailed-minded specialists, take care of all the crevices that you missed
  • Allergen-free and eco-friendly, so that you can move-in immediately, ensuring safety for children and pets
  • Optional VOC removal package, natural cleaner to dissolve VOCs, ensuring safety
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