GreenSTORE 520 World Bee Day Limited-Time Offer

May 20th is the annual World Bee Day, and as pioneers of local bee conservation, we must definitely celebrate in a “bee”autiful way! GreenSTORE is launching 520 World Bee Day with a special limited-time offer:

From today until May 31st, customers who spend $500 or more at GreenSTORE will receive 2 cans of Save Local Bees® Sparkling Honey Ginger for FREE! Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer! Available while stocks last!

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Save Local Bees® Sparkling Honey Ginger

Save Local Bees® Sparkling Honey Ginger is a 100% Made-in-HK beverage with fresh locally brewed ginger, honey harvested from local bees, and perfume lemon juice sourced in Hong Kong. It offers a unique and refreshing taste experience that is both stimulating and delightful!

The packaging features our cute FunBee and 4-panel comics, highlighting our commitment to the Save Local Bees Conservation Program. While enjoying this delicious drink, you can also follow Save Local Bees Instagram to learn about the bee-saving stories behind each can of soda!

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