ATP Test

Car Washes Do Not Provide Bacteria Level Testing

Driving into a traditional car wash, a damp floor, moulds on the walls and ceilings are usually the first things you would notice when you get out from your car. Are we really cleaning the car interior, or are we just allowing cross infection of bacteria happen? Traditional car washes rarely clean or sanitize tools, but they often re-use cleaning towels to clean or dry the cars. Do you really trust their disinfecting result?

Common Problems that a Bad Car Wash Job Can Cause

  • Car may be sprayed with acid cleaner to remove grime.
  • Only focus on dirt and dust, instead of eliminating the invisible germs and moulds.
  • Re-use towels, bringing the germs and dirt to the car of the next customer.
  • Tools are often not cleaned and sanitized, sanitation is poor.
  • Using common vacuum cleaners that could cause secondary contamination, and the allergens and pollutants still remain in the car.
  • Do not have any standard to evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitization.
Johnson Group Car Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

Our Car Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

Why Choose Johnson Group?

  • The first company to provide microorganisms and bacteria level detection service, customers can evaluate the result by comparing the statistics of before and after.
  • All tools used are sanitized thoroughly, high standard of hygiene can be assured.
  • Miele Allergy Vacuum Cleaner equipped with HEPA H13 filter to effectively eliminate any dust mites, bacteria, allergens that are smaller than 3㎛.
  • Brand new 3M Scotch-Brite™ Microfiber cloths are used every service.
  • We use French-made aircraft grade cleaner, safe for washing body, alloy wheels and carbonized parts
  • SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray eliminating bacteria, viruses, moulds and odours.
  • Bacteria/moulds identification service is also available (additional service).
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Professional Technician

Our technicians are experienced, and fully equipped with masks, gloves, and neat uniforms.

Johnson Group - Professional Technician

Cleaning Venue

Service will be done at venues that are hygienic and tidy. We provide on-site cleaning service as well.

Johnson Group Car Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

Professional Testing Device

Johnson Group Car Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

We adopt Hygiena SystemSURE Plus™ Luminometer to perform the ATP Cleaning Verification. The device gives a numeric measurement of organic material (ATP) on a surface, measured in relative light units (RLU). The more ATP presents on a surface, the higher the RLU measurement. This method is recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The detection of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), the universal unit energy in all living cells, determines if surfaces are truly clean. For those sensitive areas like homes, schools, nurseries and, health institutions (i.e. clinics), ATP Cleaning Verification provides a quick way to detect microorganisms. By collecting samples from the environments, and measure the ATP level, it gives a direct measure of biological concentration in the environments.

Natural Material

SmellGREEN Natural Disinfectant Spray

SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria & viruses
  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Non-toxic, Non-corrosive on surfaces (pH8)
  • Safe for kids, pets and the environment
  • Does not stain surfaces or skin
  • Satisfies stringent food security requirements
  • 100% biodegradable
  • HK Standards and Testing Centre certified, 99.99% anti-bacterial efficacy

Optional Service

Mould Identification (Air / Surface)

Johnson Group Mould Identification
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This test aims to identify the types of moulds by taming samples of indoor air or hard surfaces where mould growth is suspected.

Bacteria Identification

Johnson Group Bacteria Identification
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By collecting swab samples, this test is suitable for clients who want to find out whether particular types bacteria (micrococcus / staphylococcus / bacillus / pseudomonas) are present on specific objects / materials.

Identification Report

After sampling is completed, the samples will be sent to a laboratory in Canada. The lab has been accredited to ISO 17025 international standard by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA) for identification. Clients will receive the original lab report and our recommendations which are based on test results after the service.

Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation

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