+Bird Control DIY. Effective, Safe & Humane

Feral pigeon nuisance has become a recent hot topic, how can the problem be solved without hurting the birds?
Check out the above video for DIY bird control solution!

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Johnson Group-bird control-product__SafePRO® Bird Repellent (BirdShield™)

SafePRO® Bird Repellent (BirdShield™)

Birds’ trigeminal system will be irritated by the residual grape-like odour, driving them to leave

  • 100% organic and toxic-free
  • Harmless to humans, birds and the environment
  • Use fogging machine or misting fan for large area spraying
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Johnson Group-bird control-product_SafePRO® Bird Proof Gel

SafePRO® Bird Proof Gel

Birds will feel uncomfortable when landing on the sticky and slimy surface, so they will not stay for long

  • Simply apply Bird Proof Gel with a caulking gun
  • Does not damage surface
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Johnson Group-bird control-product_SafePRO® Stainless Steel Bird Spike

SafePRO® Stainless Steel Bird Spike

Effectively prevent birds from landing and roosting

  • Easy installation with screws or liquid nails
  • Does not corrode or decay
  • Can be installed on both flat or curved surface
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SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray

Effectively eliminate bird droppings and bad odour, kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses

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