Entering the most humid season, furniture with fabric usually become warm bed for bed bugs and dust mites to breed. Mattresses, sofas, chairs, curtains, rugs etc. are very tough to clean thoroughly by ourselves. Once bed bugs and dust mites are present, they will cause allergic reactions on our skin or respiratory tract.

Johnson Group’s Professional can provide efficient deep cleaning solution for you, eliminate the allergens, bed bugs and dust mites once and for all.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

The bed bugs commonly infest your home by clinging onto you, hitchhiking on clothing, luggage or used furniture. Stay at an infested premise, a bed bug may crawl into your clothing or belongings, and then crawl out again once you are home.

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Problems Associated with Bed Bugs


Saliva (an anticoagulant to get blood flowing) that is injected during the feeding can produce large swellings on the skin that itch and may become irritated and infected when scratched. In addition, bed bugs have stink glands that leave odors; they also leave fecal spots on bed sheets and around their hiding places.

Reasons of Having Dust Mites and The Problems They Bring

Dust mites actually are one of the most common source of allergens in our household. Dust mites do not bite, but their corpses and excretions will cause allergic reaction on our skin or in our respiratory tracts.

Dust mites is very small that they are not visible to our eyes, they love to be at warm and humid places. The optimum temperature for dust mite growth is 22-26℃, and the optimum humidity is 70-80%. They primary food are human or animal (pets) dead skin cells and hair. Being in the subtropical region, the weather of Hong Kong is ideal for dust mites to breed.

Mattress and Sofa Cleaning Procedure Demonstration


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Other Bed Bug Control Exclusive Tools

Johnson Group Bed Bug Control: Hygienitech Mattress Cleaning Systems

The Hygienitech UV-C Bedbug Killing Machine combines high frequency, pulsating waves, incredible suction and is able to kill and extract adult bed bugs, instar nymphs and eggs and other harmful organisms that accumulates in your mattresses.

Karcher® Professional Steam Cleaner is another alternative that can be employed effectively as a control option. Temperatures at tip can reach to 104 °C which is more than sufficient to kill bed bugs, instars and eggs upon contact (the thermal death point for bed bugs is about 40 °C), eliminating breeding sources.

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Karcher® Spray-extraction Cleaner is used while steam cleaning fabrics, ensures a more presentable appearance. The extraction mechanism ensures bugs and eggs within the fabrics are being removed thoroughly.

A Tailor-made Chemical-free Cleaning Solution

The key to a successful bed bug control is to thoroughly treat all of the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Initial infestations tend to be around beds, but the bed bugs may eventually become scattered throughout a room, occupying any crevice or protected location.

Treating all of the hiding areas and cracks is the key to getting rid of bed bugs. All infested areas need to be retreated at least 2-3 times within a month.

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Bed Bug and Dust Mites Control DIY

Natural Bed Bug, Lice & Flea Exterminator Laundry & Spray
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Anti-mite & Bed Bug Bedding Products
  • Tightly woven fabric with systemized regular pattern to prevent mite colonization
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