Bed Bug Outbreak in Paris? Top Tips from Experts to Stay Bug-Free

【Bed Bug Outbreak in Paris? Top Tips from Experts to Stay Bug-Free】

There has been a serious bed bug crisis recently in Paris, France, with bed bugs being found in public areas such as hotels, subways, theaters and more. Bed bugs typically attach themselves to luggage, backpacks, clothing, furniture and fabrics, where they can easily hide and go unnoticed.

Are you planning to travel to Europe but worried about the bed bug problem? GreenSTORE recommends a series of DIY pest control solutions that are essential for your travel. These solutions will help you address the bed bug problem by completing the four steps: monitoring, sanitizing, eliminating bed bugs, and prevention all at once!

DIY Guide To Preventing Bed Bugs

Hong Kong’s humid weather makes it challenging to control bed bugs if they accidentally enter your home. Using insecticides and bed bug fumigators may not effectively solve the problem, especially when bed bugs are more difficult to eliminate compared to other insects. If you discover signs of bed bugs and want to handle it yourself, we suggest you with a comprehensive DIY guide to combat them!

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Experts’ Guide To Eliminating Bedbugs

OMG發現床蝨 (木蝨) 點算好?專家教您防蝨攻略!

If you have been troubled by bed bugs for a long time, it is essential to seek professional assistance to completely eliminate them!

Johnson Group is equipped with the most advanced and specialized technology in bed bug management, offering efficient deep cleaning and pest control solutions to address bed bug and allergen issues.

We provide a 60-day warranty and offer a free follow-up service if the bed bug problem resurfaces. Treating all hiding areas and cracks is crucial in eliminating bed bugs; therefore, all infested areas need to be retreated at least 2-3 times within a month.

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