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SafePRO® Bed Bug Series are now available at GreenSTORE!

SafePRO® Bed Bug Spray and Bed Bug Series are now available at GreenSTORE! We sincerely thank our customers for their patience, and the GreenSTORE team will ship them out as soon as possible. Please stay tuned for updates.

Bed bug cases have recently spread to public transportation and hotels, among other places, which we must not take lightly. GreenSTORE recommends a series of travel-friendly and essential bed bug products for your home to help you get fully prepared. Complete the four steps of monitoring, sanitizing, eliminating, and preventing bed bugs all at once!

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Experts’ Guide To Eliminating Bedbugs

OMG發現床蝨 (木蝨) 點算好?專家教您防蝨攻略!

If you have been troubled by bed bugs for a long time, it is essential to seek professional assistance to completely eliminate them!

Johnson Group is equipped with the most advanced and specialized technology in Bed Bug Management, offering efficient deep cleaning and pest control solutions to address bed bug and allergen issues.

We provide a 60-day warranty and offer a free follow-up service if the bed bug problem resurfaces as treating all hiding areas and cracks is crucial in eliminating bed bugs.

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