3 Things You Must Do Before Moving Into a New Home

3 Things You Must Do Before Moving Into a New Home

1. Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing

During the renovation, indoor allergens like formaldehyde, dust mites, mould, particles or even volatile chemicals from conventional cleaners can accumulate in your air conditioner, fabric furniture and walls to make the air you are breathing more polluted than ever. The best way to reduce this kind of air pollution is to switch to non-toxic services and products to remove allergens.

2. VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal

Building materials, home furnishings like pressed woods, wood floor finishes, paints, upholstery fabrics are often the major sources of formaldehyde in homes. Although formaldehyde (HCHO) is not highly toxic, it still poses danger to human health in long run. Formaldehyde must be removed after renovation ensuring that the gas concentration maintains at a safety level.

3. Pest Control and Prevention

During renovation, the moist and poor air circulation create an optimal environment for insects to breed. Building materials may also bring in various kinds of pests to your home, as they are tiny and good at hiding in cracks and crevices, they can invade your home without being seen, eventually becoming a potential risk. Therefore, it is essential to perform comprehensive pest control to eliminate any pests at home.

VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service

Johnson Group VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service

Only use non-toxic materials to decompose volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and formaldehyde.  It minimizes the risk of your family being exposed to toxic chemicals.

VOC (Formaldehyde) Removal Service
SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover ; Remove 99% of Formaldehyde (VOC)

SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover

  • Remove 99% of Formaldehyde (VOC)
  • Safe, Non-toxic & Hypoallergenic
SafePRO® Formaldehyde (VOC) & Odour Remover

Renovation/Move-in Cleaning & Sanitizing

Johnson Group Entire Home & Office Deep Cleaning & Sanitizing

Use the best quality and natural materials and equipment you to eliminate dirt, allergens,  bacteria, viruses and moulds.

enovation/Move-in Cleaning & Sanitizing Service

+Green Pest Management™

Johnson Group Termite Control

We offer a wide range of physical control and least-toxic products to eliminate and prevent pests.

Home +Green Pest Management™

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